Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okies. Last things I have done in WoW have been Tradeskills and Lunar Festivals Achievements. In fact, the most time has been gone to level Laiskajaakko's Fishing, which is a drag. Fishing is the last really nerfed gathering skill available now that herbalism and mining has been made one click business.

I wonder when they tweak fishing to faster mode... Say half the cast time would be nice, but then again the rules of Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza would be changed, too.

Anyhow, cooking at Master level, fishing just a few points short of the same and mining already at the same range. Now to level that darned Bullsh.. Blacksmithing. That's the hardest part, because the toon outlevels both the supporting gathering skill -mining- and the areas for the proper ingredients -ore- way too fast, so it's next to impossible to improve bul... blacksmithing at the same range as the character improves. So there is something very much awry in this equation.

I guess it's the same with tradeskills relying on the gathering skills.

It just happens. Tradeskills suck before the cap, it seems, as you cannot really enjoy the benefits because you've already overlevelled them all.

Too bad. For us skilled trade skillers.

Too bad.

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Crucifer said...

The other big issue with crafted gear is that the equivalent quest gear is so much better, thereby removing the point of having the profession.

In WotLK, its slightly better for Blacksmith Tanks as we can now make ourselves starting gear for raids. But once again, we need a material only available in Heroics. But to get the material, we need to complete Heroics.