Friday, January 16, 2009

New breed

Now I've seen the new breed of WoW players I've mentally been anticipating since Christmas: Newcomer - and young - player, who has one level capped toon. Which is DK. And now s/he is starting a new one from lv1.

Yes, there were two new recruits to The Order of the Fist yesterday, one of which stuck, and the other left quite fast when he noticed that we were not into PvP. It was a funny encounter: the toon was lv7 Dwarf Mage, and one of his first questions in guild chat was "how do I get into og?". Well, his first one was "when do I get to bg? I lv7, is it 10?"... go figure

Which rang a bell in the back of my head. I corrected that Orgrimmar -which is usually abbreviated as Og- is Horde city, and this is Alliance side. "Wut is alliance big city to get bg?" Come again?! At this point I knew for sure that a) blind recruiting is bad (as if I didn't know) and b) this player really doesn't know jack.

I said that you get to bg's in any city of either side, not only the faction capital like Orgrimmar or Stormwind. 

And I had to ask what was his other character, which he had mentioned earlier. "lv80 DK" and whisper "its my horde" and that it was his only character so far.

Everything blew the whistle that we had a real newcomer to the game, who was only into PvP but couldn't cope with it at level cap. The last message from him was "lol, won lv10 rogue duel, I'm lv8!"

And a couple of minutes after he left. Natural selection ftw.

The other one was different: brought his all seven toons (talk about altoholic!) to the guild, highest of which was lv8 at that point! And he happily switched one to another after dinging. Made at least seven levels during the time he was online. We'll see where he settles.

Here we have the new breed of WoW players, who may become the next burden in the end game, replacing the power levelled ones who cannot cope with grouping, group dynamics or their class. More arrogant busters to ruin the game by knowing it all without ever seeing a bit of it.

Gods of Azeroth, help us!


Ysharros said...

Hey now, don't hate on the altoholics. Some of us actually know how to play. ;)

Copra said...

LOL, Ysh! Of course I don't hate altoholics, being one myself (about 12 different toons in four-five servers in EU and US servers). I'm just saying that this particular type had gotten bitten pretty hard in the beginning, after capping ONE DK according to his words.

I love altoholics. They last longer. ;)