Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random thought #1: Fear of Heights

Might as well start a random series of random thoughts about even more random issues.

The first one came to me when I saw a Swdish documentary about Internet sites dedicated to suicides and suicide forums in which people are helping others to kill themselves. The reported tracked down a Swedish guy who had instructed at least one young man to take his own life, and even encouraged to do it.

The thought was disturbing as well as was the whole documentary.

In the documentary a psychologist said that formerly they could speak about 'suicide process' in which a person first got the thought of wanting to die. Then this person had to gather the needed equipment and only after that s/he could commit the suicide. It might well have been that this person got to a high cliff and stood on the verge, contemplating the act. At that point there might be a gust of wind to make the decision. And this is what the psychologist called "randomly assisted decision" which could finalise the act.

It was this explanation that caused me to realise one minor thing.

I'm not afraid of the height itself. I'm afraid that I might want to fall.

Now that's scary.

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