Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy Weekend of the Order

Yes. The Order is growing and hopefully gaining some reputation -other than the GM being dead drunk in 5 mans- on the server. To prove the point we have had some of our alt bearers to change their mains to The Order, which means that they either like our style, love our guild bank or they have lost their marbles. I prefer to think it's the first one, but am afraid that it may be the last...

Pupunen took part in a nice and organised trio through Uldaman, gaining the Achievement and nice chest piece for the future. 

Anyhow, as it happens, Three Stooges had a second encounter on Saturday, and we tackled the Sunken Temple. It was a great experience only because we had to figure the whole place out by ourselves. The instance wasn't a hard one, naturally, Laiskajaakko being 64, Bishop just dinged 63 and Förgelös made it to 55 before that.

But we had fun, one almost wipe due to my over confidence about the Jammal The Prophet's skills and loads of greens and blues for Bishopgeorge to disenchant. The fatefull incident was as simple as that we didn't clear the whole room in which Jammal was, so we had about 20 of his followers and mummies swamping on us. Laiskajaakko couldn't take all the aggro off of the two squishies and they fell under the wave of onslaught. But then again, the warrior survived and made it to the next day. Meaning bluntly that I cleared the way to the entrance for the others.

As it happens, I always launch the guild advertisement macro I made when I pass to a new zone. For some peculiar reason I have lately been mostly flying from Ironforge, and it shows in our guild roster: majority of the newcomers are either Dwarves or Gnomes. Also the Priests are very, very common among us... I wonder why?

We had two nice additions to our higher end, too. One lv78 Hunter and one new DK made it to our midst, latter of which is an old friend from another game.  This means that we have already enough material to start running Outlands 5 mans on our own, and we have already some more up and coming!

Great, even though we are not progression guild. I want to see us as casual, content driven, but the darn game is built in such a way that you get hungry for more and better gear.

Better chill down and gain the Classic Dungeon Achievements first.

By the way, I'm even more amazed by the fact that Laiskajaakko is being asked to tank in the Outlands dungeons. Has the DK wave passed and now there are extra healers levelling? Or is it just that I have been good enough?

I'd like to think it's the latter, but I'm more prone to believe it's the first.

Am I too modest?

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