Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another new breed

This breed of players must be on the verge of extinction, as it is the know it all RAF players. They have at least one level capped -or close to cap- toon, preferably on the other faction, and they have Referred A Friend to level up fast and generally fast forward through the levelling content with their friend who has never played before, knows next to nothing about the lore and surroundings and is just following the promise of the 'real game starts at the level cap'.

Sadly this 'friend' doesn't get the chance to experience the content, but is overwhelmed by the speed of levelling ("Oh my, I'm gaining levels SO fast!"), the ease of getting new levels as the friend is giving his precious extra levels to him, and as the referrer knows the game, he gets boosts through the instances at appropriate -or even better, a bit higher- level for the toons.

More cannonfodder to the level cap to verbally abuse, more players who do not  know how to play their class or how to play in group.

Just another random observation from Copra.

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