Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oldies, goldies

I don't remember where I got the link to, but I remember how I gasped when I visited the site. Joined immediately and downloaded Good old Game "Beneath the Steel Sky".

Boy does it bring memories. Of the time when games had content instead of eye (and ear) candy. When the action was more the rapid movement of the few brain cells. When button smashing was the only method of communication, not repeated sequence of few buttons.

The times when the programmers had to work for the story in RPG's instead of cool textures and effects.

Oh, well. I think I have to get some sort of emulator and finish Albion. That, after all, was one of my all time favourites.

GoG has some real treats in their shelf: Fallout 1 and 2 for example,  which I'm going to dl as soon as I get the Steel Sky finished. Which may take some while because of the Guild obligations... sadly so.

Now I'm off.


Shamutanti said...

Thank you for this :D

Copra said...

Good old things deserve to be bumped. You're welcome.