Monday, January 19, 2009

Brothers again

Well, the Three Stooges did it again: as Bishopgeorge and Laiskajaakko have over-levelled Förgelös quite considerably, we decided to help our brother out. After all, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye... wait, its much nicer to 'solo' within a group.

So we went to grind some reputation with Timbermaw's and gained access to Förgelös. On the same run we did some Winterspring adventuring and took the accompanying nice picture of the three guild idiots.

All in all, the trio starts to be in a shape to tackle some real opposition. Beware.

That was last Thursday, which seems to be our mutual hobby evening. Makes planning easier, and we can settle challenges (read: instances) beforehand.

On Friday it was all fun and games. Tried to harvest some mats to level Laiskajaakko's BS, fishing and cooking in Arathi Highlands, but friendly requests put me elsewhere. The only notable mention of that evening/night was the fact that I was invited to be a tank on Auchidoun: Mana Tombs run, to which I had to ask Dreathon to accompany us.

To be honest I was 'drunk to the boot' and don't remember much of that Achievement. I remember, though, that after I got Laiskajaakko killed, I couldn't find the right entrance at all. I visited all other instance entrances before finding the right one, during which time Dreathon had cleared some mobs ahead of the party.

I was having fun, the rest of the party... also.

Crud. I have to clean my act up.

Lesson learned: if you drink, you don't drive. Or tank.

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