Monday, January 5, 2009

To the Outlands

Laiskajaakko finally got to lv58 and I had decided way earlier that he will hit the Outlands as soon as that happens. One of the nicest things about having the exp bar disabled is the fact that dinging surprises you completely: I was returning quests in Sillithus when the golden light engulfed the hardened warrior and I knew it was time to go. Sadly the Dark Portal was so far... which caused some extra stress on my system.

But then again, looking this from the guild side, it was a good thing. Hitting the advertising macro in every zone I passed flying surely created both interest and ignores. 

I just turned in at least two quests on the way and grabbed the 'necessary' quest from the warchiefs at the Portal before entering the great unknown...

Boy is the transition huge. I had been -and quested some- in the Outlands with my horde character (Copra), but that's about a year ago, so I really didn't remember what it felt like to bring the toon into this 'first expansion'.

The first hindrance came when I tried to get the quest from the flight master: one of my addons causes the flight map to launch on top of the quest frame, so I couldn't accept -nor return- the quests in question! The only solution I got was to disable the addons, work the quests and enable them again... causing some addons to reset, naturally.

But off we went, to the Honor Hold. I grabbed the first quests available and punched myself into the LFG for Hellfire Citadel as soon as I hit lv59 (when it came available).

The run, as smooth as it was, came to my mind after I read this post from The Scourge: in the group were three DK's (lv62, 64 and 65), my warrior ('are you a tank?', 'Your spec?') and a shaman (enhancement... 'You heal', 'But...', 'You heal'). The group 'leader' was adamant on having the polearm from one of the bosses and the DK's were having an argument about that till the end. I was happily in the group, just trekking along, trying to tank where possible.

Alas, the tanking was impossible, but a few nice comments to the Shammy ensured that I was the 'Last Man Standing' when the crap hit the ventilator: one of the DK's just couldn't help dying, being wiped out at least three times on the run.

Which came to my mind after reading the forementioned post...

All in all, I gained almost a level in the Hellfire Citadel, as I entered right after dinging 59. What a bliss.

This calls for another post about the first impressions. New first impressions.

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