Friday, January 23, 2009

Scaleable level cap

A post in Hudson's caught my eye the other day, but I didn't have the time to post my thoughts about it. In fact, the thougt materialised in our last brotherly run in Dire Maul, where the pieces fell into place.

In that post Hudson refers Total Bisquit from WoW radio, who has gotten fed up with the raid/dungeon content getting easier in Northrend, to the point that he has formed a retro guild with level cap of 60. I haven't heard that podcast myself, because I don't generally like podcasts. I just don't have time to sit and just listen to them. And reading and listening at the same time... doh, no.

Anyhow, why hasn't Blizzard given us the chance of freezing the exp? Like in EQ2 you can freeze your combat experience when you want to gain your AA experience without over-levelling the content? The only way I can think of it is that you purchase only the basic game and make a new account for that... and never upgrade this to the Burning Crusade. Because, as far as I understand, you gain experience from the instances and mobs anyhow, even though you wouldn't like to level up. This makes it impossible to dedicate yourself to the lv60 content with all the expansions enabled...

I would have liked to freeze my combat/adventuring experience a few times already. I feel I'm over-levelling the content too fast, so I would like to have a "slow down pal" button somewhere!

So Blizzard, give us the option to freeze combat experience, player housing and guild housing to collect our trophies and out levelled gear to. Thank you.

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