Thursday, January 8, 2009

New mule and observations

Now then. I activated yesterday a new mule for my Alliance toons. He will be only for the AH duty, so I'm keeping it addon free as much as possible. Naturally, Auctioneer, Postal and Prat are there to make the business run smoothly.

Nice thing about this is the fact that the scanning -of which I have been complaining loudly in here and Twitter- is faster. Well, the scanning itself isn't, but the processing after the scan is way smoother than with Pupunen with all her addons on and stealing resources. Now I get almost up to date data to search with. And that shows already in the performance.

I transferred 4g from Laiskajaakko to this new mule. With the money I purchased some Glyphs that were sold at around 1% of their historical market price (according to Auctioneer). In less than three hours I netted 42g, which I 'wisely' reinvested to AH purchases. All in all, I'm already sitting on top of 17g in profit and almost 70g worth of stuff for sale in AH. Not bad for the first day in game, right?

In fact, the first sales I made with this toon were with the money earned from the first 5 levels of adventuring in the starting area. And earned the first gold with that. Hooray for the constant need for herbs.

My initial observation when I started to check the AH with new, poor toon was that the prices of Glyphs have dropped considerably. But at the same time, there seems to be a couple of people levelling up their Inscription, at least according to the sellers: there were three names filling up all the classes Major Glyphs, which suggests that they are selling their products out at the price they are moving fast. Which is in fact way below their material cost. 

Which is a good thing for someone with money to invest. Which isn't me, yet.

Though I found a couple of lovely Major Glyphs that were on sale for 1 s-10 s (!), which I grabbed and sold for 4g - 8g, thus making some nice profit. As I mount more money, I'll make sure to hoard more of the cheap ones, as the inscription levellers will come in waves and the use of Glyphs is pretty much constant.

Now I have to find some nice Minor Glyphs to snatch...

All in all, 'fresh' start is always nice. Especially when it is smooth and makes the routines easier.

Oh, yes. Now I have Pupunen in active healing duty instead of running to and fro between mailbox and AH. Nice!


Pete said...

First, thanks for changing the RSS feed, now I can read you much more easily!

When I was heavily into WoW, I used to scan the AH as part of my morning "get ready for work" routine. I'd start the scan just before jumping into the shower. I know that sounds really weird, but it's something I do every day and know I'll never need to use the PC while I'm doing it!! :)

Copra said...

I'm doing my best to please the hc readers like you, Pete!

As a matter of fact, I used to do the same last time I was around making money to my horde toon: I logged in, started the scan, took the dogs out, made breakfast, got ready to leave for work and closed the game as the scan was ready. If lucky I could do a couple of nice snatches from the previous night's raids as people had just posted them.

True. Also proves that persistence is a virtue.