Monday, January 12, 2009


Not sure if there is such a word. I mean I'm not sure if that means something, but it was something that came to mind. Out of the blue.

In the former post I wrote about this levelling competition with Bishopgeorge. Well, he dinged 62 on Sunday. Levelling the level difference with Laiskajaakko. 

On Sunday afternoon I sat down with the idea of levelling blacksmithing. Logged in, found Laiskajaakko in Honor Hold, with bags full of junk to sell out. However, out of habit I punched the LFG tool on, looking to visit Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts, Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace and Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens. Those three because they are available in the tool at the moment.

I had just sold the vendor trash out and found the Honor Hold Quartermaster, Logistics Officer Ulrike, as I had just hit Honored in Honor Hold. I had the misconception that Heroics would open as soon as you got then opened... not. But it can only be opened after 70. As it dawned to me, I had made a find: I never had known that there were stuff in sale at this NPC. So my surprise was immense when I found Footman's Longsword from her! Bought two at the same time, rising his dps a lot!

And at that moment I got invited to Blood Furnace. Ok, second time in there. Group was typical: three DK's, one priest and Laiskajaakko. Needless to say, the loot rolls proved to be interesting. However, the running was so smooth that we decided to conquer Ramparts right after finishing BF (Achievement #1!).

Ramparts was a blast, with lv66 DK who really knew what he was doing, leading the way. He tackled the main tank functions and the rest of us -Laiskajaakko being highest of the rest at that point- made our best to help. Only the lowest of us, lv60 DK went down as we fought Vazruden: typical over-enthusiastic death.

No rolls for me, the drop was for the caster. Mind you, he had gotten nice upgrades from BF already... I helped myself needing Mok'Nathal Clan Ring, which was a HUGE improvement. I think that was the most impressive loot I got all evening.

In BF I dinged, so I outlevelled Bishopgeorge. Nice, I thought, and when we had finished Ramparts I had made almost 25% of the next level.

And then the lv66 DK suggested we take Slave Pens... Of course we all accepted that challenge!

Slave Pens was a blast: fast, furious and nice loot here and there. I also started the quest from the Coilfang Reservoir, Lost In Action, which proved to be a bit of a running kind of quest. However, with a Coilfang veteran among us, we cleared the Pens in no time (Achievement #2). And hit the Underbog right away, only to get the quest done!

Underbog reminds me a lot about Maraudon, though it's not in such a desolate place. It's big, open and high, beautifull place with mobs that take time to kill. If the drops weren't that good, the place would rank as nice waste of time in my books. Whereas Slave Pens is really a quick 20 minutes run with proper party.

Our group got smaller as we ran: first the lv60 DK had to leave, and all of a sudden our healer -who had done excellent job so far!- left us with very nice messages. It was a shame to lose him, because the Paladin who we got to replace him, was healing for the first time in there.

Naturally we downed The Black Stalker in the longest boss fight so far, causing Laiskajaakko die for the second time. And I lost the need roll on a very nice piece of armour: Paudrons of Brute Force. A piece I would love to see on Laiskajaakko.

And yes, that concluded the third Achievement for the day in the Outlands Instances! At the same time as I returned the Lost In Action, I also dinged Friendly with Cenarion Expedition, which is nice start for some very interesting pieces of gear.

All in all, out-instancing in the name of sibling rivalry is both lucrative and fun.


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