Monday, January 5, 2009

Silent running

The holiday season has been pretty messed up thing in here: there have been one day off within a week, making both the working and spare time a drag to plan. However, the Order has been active enough to keep me returning to the game.

First of all, I have worked hard on AH with Pupunen to gain enough gold for the third Guild Bank tab. And now it's here! The cost is astronomical for a lv35, being 500g. That's almost the same as the second riding skill and mount at lv60, which really hurt my planning on getting a new mount for Laiskajaakko.

Secondly, I have been helping people to level with Pupunen. That has been fun, especially when the level gap hasn't been too wide. Next we'll have to start organising some pre-planned guild runs.

Because we had an impromptu one the other day. I had been helping some lower level members with their harder quests in Loch Modan for some time and was just about to logout for a dinner, when one of our Veteran's logged in and asked if anyone was up to Gnomeregan. Why, of course, because Pupunen had her questlog full of Gnomerquests. Within the next two minutes we had a group of four ready to go. A boost, as our highest member, lv80 Deathknight, had decided to join us for the Achievement!

So I ate with the family and logged in. The group was already at the entry, but the instances were so crowded -once again- that they couldn't get in! I got the invite, emptied my bags and ran to the instance, only to catch them right inside the door.

Needless to say, the run was smooth and solid, though we had one lv15 with us. He was pretty unaware of the threat his character generated, so I had to tell him after his first death to stick with us and not even breath! He died another time for running into a patrol, but that was... pure coincident and bad planning.

All in all, we all had fun, the lower of us had nice loot and I got several quests done on one run. As I returned the quests to Tinkertown, I noticed that I had still two quests undone in Gnomeregan... So Pupunen will have to go there again, this time with guildies who are a bit higher than on the first time. Maybe even without the boost?

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