Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Real life aims ruin gaming, right?

I've started a new life. It's not a New Years resolution, even though the timing most certainly suits well. No, it's because of the fact that our company is arranging a group entry to a half-marathon.

We had similar thing last autumn, when we attended to a half-marathon, too. I took that as a challenge, because I hate running/jogging and I have never even considered running that much in one try. So I trained throughout the summer, on and off, and eventually I managed to fullfill my aim: I ran the whole half-marathon.

I didn't care about the time or anything, just wanted to get it done. This time it's different: I know what I'm up against, I know the amount of work needed to complete and I'm prepared. Well, more prepared than last time.

Because of this -and the fact that my current schedule permits- I also enrolled to the beginners class in Shorinji Kempo. I have trained it some 20 years ago, and it has left a distinct mark in my soul. So I thought it would be a good time to refreshen the memories and get some muscle training on the side of my jogging.

This means effectively, that I'm tied at least two weeknights for Kempo and jogging at least on one or two. Which in return means, that my available time for WoW gets a drastic cut.

Is this a good or bad thing?

It's good in a sense that my levelling with Laiskajaakko gets a cut: so it's easier for Förgelös to keep up  with the group.

It's bad in the sense of The Order of the Fist: my guild is now going to have to come up by itself more of the time. Which in turn means that I should... we should promote some officers and/or even Councillors.

Decisions, decisions.


Openedge1 said...

Whats with this "healthy"


Grats on doing this. Our gaming hobbies really seem to take away from that stuff..
Luckily I Drum every day which is a cardiac workout before work, but I sure could use more "movement" type of exercise.


Copra said...

Just remember to take it easy when you start taking the long walks with your wife... she'll overrun you in no time... but after a while, when your laggy, sore old feet start to get used to it, it's all games and laughter.

That may take some time, as I have noticed already... :P