Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yeah, we got the Maraudon Achievement in one solid run. Thanks Dreathon, our guild-mascot Deathknight über-booster!

What I just realized is that I have to apologise our guild Deathknight, Hunter and Retribution Paladin for using derogatory names about their chosen classes. Let me make is understood, that none of our characters in these classes can be called by any of the derogatory names commonly used about them. These guys are worth their weight in gold, and I will do anything to protect their name.

I realised also a couple of things last night after the run. First of all, the Old World instances, though beautifull and intricate, are too long for a single run. When compared to the ones in The Burning Crusade, Maraudon is excruciatingly long one. I don't even want to think how long it takes to complete at the right level range.

Secondly, now I remember why I hate boosts: they are boring as hell. Nothing to do but run and collect loot, which in this case was not en par with the group's level.

And third: Blizzard should include a new "Persistent Adventurer" Achievement: you get the achievement by banging your toon against the instance entry 10.000 times, receiving "Another instance cannot be launched right now. Please try again later" error...

All in all, good show. Oh, and we also cleared Stocks for one member... with the help of Lendo's main. 

Ok, shoot me in the Guild Chat for announcing your affiliation with me.

I can take it.


Bildo said...

I don't mind being power-ran through an instance if I'm trying to complete the quests these days, just as I don't mind helping others who are in pursuit of the same goal.

But as you say, it can be boring, especially in the longer old-world instances.

I'm not sure I'll even do Gnomer this time through until I'm level 60 or 70 and can plough through.

Copra said...

Well, I'm turning my boat in this one, too, since it seems vain to even think about running the dungeons at the right level range: both my toons outlevel the instances, in worst cases several at the same time.

Still I think that Blizzard is wasting completely great resources on leaving the Old World instances sit and rot: for example, Maraudon could be split to three distinct parts with separate entries, so that one part could be run in -say- 30 minutes, which is about the time needed for 'normal' Hellfire run.

Gnomeregan is another one which could be split. Somehow Scarlet Monastery has been done like this, so what went wrong in the design?

Oh, well. I'm bound to be running the lower instances soon and often, just to get the lower level people to the same level range as our 'mid-team' is. That is, around 35-40.

Teamwork ftw.


Bildo said...

Yeah, I think for my schedule these days 30-60 minutes is the sweet spot. The old wold ones just further prove that... as I end up avoiding them like the plague.

It's easy to do so because we do level so fast and easily through 60 now at least. :)

Copra said...

The scope of having time for a dungeon is different than that for having a raid it seems. People are not willing to plan for an instant run of a dungeon, but they are willing to plan well ahead to have a 3hr raid on an end game instance.

I've also noticed that -naturally- the rewards don't necessarily equal the effort. In Maraudon's case the effort to get there with an Ally toon is way too much for the rewards which are not equal with the ones from similar level dungeon (like Sunken Temple). So there is something very wrong with the loot tables, too.

Oh, well. The Achievements were a good boost to get the boost runs going at least.

I'm looking forward to seeing more benefits from the achievements.