Here be the adventures of Gnomore

The basic idea of Gnomore is to level up the character from zero to hero without killing a single creature along the way. This total pacifist approach is directly related to that which Pacifist Priest has done already ages ago, but as the new experience from gathering rules came in, it's even more viable way to do things.

Even though the original idea was to have a kind of Florence Nightingale kind of character, healing where healing is needed, Gnomore will not attend to LFD groups, even though as a healer that would be a fast route to levelling. A decision was made that Gnomore is total pacifist and as such doesn't approve any use of violence, no matter what the reason.

I had a dream to level a Worgen Druid this way, but the game mechanics made that impossible: the railroading of the starter area is much more intense than would have been required and this makes it impossible to 'rescue' a worgen from the Fate of Gilneas. Failed one: Unnown and her pictorial.

Thus Gnomore was born. The story unfolds in two separate ways, in blog posts and in pictorials. In a way they are connected, as I'll be linking the pictorials in the posts.


The Post : Pictorial
Enter Gnomore : Levels 1-6
Here and There and Everywhere: Gnomore : Levels 6-9
Gnomore, we have a problem! : Levels 9-13
More on Gnomore : decision on pacifism
Gnomore stint : Levels 13-14
See Darkshore and die : Levels 14-16
Curious case of Gnomore : Levels 16-17
Gnomore: From Dawn till Dusk(wood) : Levels 17-19
Cheater by the mechanics: Gnomore : Levels 19-22
Change of pace: Gnomore on the dig site : Levels 22-24
Short update in Ashenvale : Levels 24-26
On the way to Stonetalon Mountains : Levels 26-27
Stonetalon Gnomore : Levels 27-29
Gnomore: Hinterlands Explorer : Levels 29-31
Gnomore: You really shouldn't be here : Level 31