Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Failed one: Unnown

I had a dream. To have a different kind of worgen character. Where the lore and the game put a strong emphasis on the worgen who come out of the Gilneas are in fact refugees from an attack by Horde and thus are forced to be fighters, I would have wanted to have a Florence Nightingale kind of character: not fighting at all, only healing and mending. Feeling repulsed by violence in all its forms, not supporting it but keeping the ones she thought were fighting for the just cause going.

So Unnown was born on thought level. I did, however, make some precautions and run my The Wild Hunt character Huffman through the Worgen starter area to get the feel and see the action, so to speak. And I was impressed: the setting was exactly the way I wanted it to be for Unnown. It was perfect.

As it happens, I didn't take screenshots from the early stages of the project, as I have never been too keen on them. But as the phasing craze did pass, I started noticing things going awry with the project.

There is supposed to be people in this picture.
The further I went, the more strange things started to go. The action was only where the story had progressed, really, and the rest was like from a scifi story from the golden era: I was living in an experiment gone wrong, in a dead and quiet world.

The giant hasn't born yet.
And after a while the world started to crack.

Crack in reality.
The world was empty save for two creatures I encountered: first were the spiders around the first Worgen village, and the second were the Stags around the Great Wall. Otherwise the world was empty of all life. Even the Spirit Healers were having a day off!

Spot the missing Spirit Healer? Of course not, it's not there!
But mostly due to the fact that there was no life, the views were pretty and I spent more time admiring them than I originally thought. Take a look at these ones:

And as I left the Gilneas area, the truth hit me: you cannot escape.

And the further I got, the more severe the crack in the reality came.

Until finally I fell over the edge of the world, reality and life itself, into the void and beyond...

Gilneas from below: "The fate of Gilnaes has not yet been decided. You cannot escape yet."
After a ticket and nice contact with a very nice and professional GM I got a confirmation and apology from the GM: it isn't possible to go through the Worgen starter questline without killing a thing.

Sorry, Unnown, I have let you down. Rest in the void, forever.

C out