Tuesday, February 1, 2011

See Darkshore and die

Gnomore pictorial 15-16

So it all started in Darnassus again, where Gnomore got a nice package in the post: Rogues Deck from a dear friend, my banker character. The AH ventures with inks and stuff weren't as profitable as pure herbs and ores, netting only some tens of gold instead of hundreds, so from now on the herbs will be sold as is. Selling ore in bars is yet to be tested, but that should be more viable route all in all.

Ain't that Darkmoon Robe lovely?

This time there was no doubt about the route to go: it was Darkshore all time. The main attraction was the map with Gathermate data:

All those possibilities!

So yes, sue me because I'm using an addon. Several in fact. All which help and guide me. All I have to do is run around and collect stuff while avoiding creatures.

But then again, that's how this game is played nowadays. And Blizzard is even providing us with their integrated guest helping system to counter the use of Guesthelper kind of addons, which still are out there.

Ahem. Back to the adventuring part. Darkshore has changed a lot. Where there were Nagas in the Ruins of Mathystra, there are now trolls.

And these trolls are actually working for their living!

While going through the area, Gnomore dinged level 15, allowing the use of Dungeon Finder. As the decision was made that this would be bending the rules of being a pacifist, I only made a mental note of it. This is just a step towards the mount at level 20, nothing biggie.

What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that now that I'm not whacking through the content I see all these wonderful, strange and beautiful sights everywhere. Look at these screenshots!

But let's pull back to the middle picture. As Gnomore was trekking down the eastern side of Darkshore, there was this thundering sound of waterfall, and thus I found traces of the real Cataclysmic Shattering inland.

As seein in the earlier picture, the waterfall is quite huge, for a small lv15 character it's enormous. And the maelstrom at the bottom... H-U-G-E.

And fun...


As you are pulled in the whirl, you get to another place: I think this is the first one to actually do that to a character and I feel sad for the ones who do not take the opportunity to test if they can survive the maelstrom. You see, this place grants you a free achievement...

And offers you the possibility for the Easter Egg achievement if you kill that one bad demon in there. This one:

I feel SO cheated because of this. I had no other option than get out of there and make my final comment about this whirly thingy.

So off we went. Those whirly thingies became the main attraction on the way to Explore Darkshore. Let's see how many ways...

But none of them was as fun as the Maw of the Void.

There was only one chain of quests Gnomore could go through to help this guy to keep one of the whirlies alive.

Oh, yes. Malfurion Stormrage. And the only chain which I could through was the one with Furbolgs and Fire Elementals. Yes, they killed, I collected and in the end, I protected the cleansing totem against an assault of several fire elementals and one construct I think. Sadly I was not able to relieve Malfurion from his duties, so he could flee to Mount Hyjal to greet the levelling players in there. Gnomore is such a sucker.

The totem quest happened nearby the fire whirly thingy, but it was so hectic, I was so exhilariated and excited that I forgot to take snapshots out of it. I didn't kill anything and didn't even die! Proof:

Then it was running here and there. But what struck me odd was the fact that even the ghosts of the Ancient ones had moved when the Shattering hit. I had always thought that ghosts were bound to a certain spot, but it seems that the Shattering has moved that certain spot for some - or majority in Darkshore! - of the ghosts around Azeroth.

After a while of running there were only two places to visit.

Master's Glaive, which the nasties are digging up to reveal the monstrosity killed by the Glaive, and Nazj'Vel, the new town/cave of the Nagas, both seen in the picture up there.

To conclude the ventures this time, the last picture.

To see Darkshore and die. Didn't die a lot, but that last one was appropriate one.

Gnomore is level 16, parked in Darnassus and about to take on the Eastern Kingdoms for more: time to explore them to the same 'level' and get that mount up!
PS. There are more pictures in the pictorial album with more wittier captions and with lots of room for comments. Feel free to (ab)use the albums!