Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time flies

Oh dear.

I had almost forgotten that I used to blog. It's funny, considering the fact that I have been inbetween jobs for the past year or so, with all the time in the world to do as I please.

Except not. I have learned that searching for full time employment is a job in itself, with pretty little time for anything else over the Internet. And after a full day seeking, writing and communicating I'm too wasted to write anything at all.

What has come to pass in the gaming for the poor old Bullcopra, you may ask?

First of all, Three Stooges still ride strong, currently through the new and updating Pandarian scenarios with an occasional LFR in the mix. To be honest, it is pretty boring but I continue only because of the company. Which makes the boring a kind of fun.

World of Tanks is my main poison at the moment, working in a new clan again. Now this one seems to be 'the one' for me, even though my performance on the field is about the same as the current, updated bots can deliver. Poor at best, but I'm determined to make them better.

Games on and off: Borderlands 2, the second playthrough, one part at a time.

What I have been really enjoying as of late (for the last two-three weeks or so) is Vanguard. Yes, I know it is closing in June and I know it is more or less abandoned by players. The reason is the fact that my youngest son has gotten into it and we are exploring the game together. Whereas my previous experience with Vanguard was very boring, over challenging and stuff, I can say that the game is really made for small groups and playing with friends.

Where does Vanguard shine, still? The crafting system is the best there is, I do not find Everquest II's frantic system as intriguing as Vanguards slower paced one. There is no other MMO with a fishing system as involving as the one in Vanguard, too bad the rewards are so bad and merely cosmetic. And do not make me start about the factions and diplomacy: the diplomacy minigame is unrivalled and most probably will never be worked into a MMO again.

I have come to the conclusion that Vanguard came out too early and due to the bugs and bugged start it just never got the opportunity to grow the way it should have. It was ahead of its time in several ways and the computer requirements were off the charts back then.

Sad to say, but Vanguard is like one of our beloved Irish Wolfhounds: they shine brightest and look best just before they move over the rainbow bridge.

As I am happily in the Elder Scrolls Online's Beta group, I see some hope in the MMO scene. However, the experience has taught me that the majority of the players in ESO have been dumbed down so badly that they cannot succeed in the most basic exploration or investigation quest in the game without asking for directions. There should be a warning in the game's launcher that some brain activity required.

Anyhow, anxiously waiting for the next beta spree. ESO isn't quite up to Skyrim's experience, but quite close. Close enough to keep me occupied.