Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gnomore: From Dawn till Dusk(wood)

Gnomore pictorial 17-19.

So, last time we left Gnomore to Redridge, sitting in the Inn. My great big intention was to let him rest over the week and then go out and about and get that Lunar Festival suit on him. However, over the week I suddenly got this feeling that I might not be able to visit Moonglade in time to do that, so I made a quick run over and...

Got the suit! And found out the flight point, set out there nearby the entrance to Timbermaw Hold, tunnel leading to Winterspring and Felwood.

After which Gnomore did some sailing and arrived to Stormwind in one piece, in one nice piece of clothing.

Even though I've stated that I won't be using the dailies to level up too much, I still had to see how the cooking and fishing dailies work for the lowbie character. To my - positive - surprise, they work exceptionally well, as you can see from these two pictures.

Got the dailies done, got the rewards and got a level. Not shabby for a half an hour extra. After which I checked the mailbox, only to find out that Gnomore had gotten some 120g richer than before: even stronger evidence on the fact that money is abundantly available in the game to everyone taking the first step to sell stuff in AH.

Fast forward back to Redridge. As you may have already noticed, Gnomore has been more or less running around, like a heated bunny on a cool summer day. This mounted - and dawned to me - as soon as Gnomore started to plunge deeper into the Redridge area.

Oh, crud! Herbalism at cap, I had forgotten to check that while in town to train it. Needless to say, it was time to hearth back to civilization to get this done.

Double crud!!! In the running around I had also forgotten to set my hearthstone to Stormwind instead of Darnassus! Oh, what a loooooong day this was about to be. To cut the pictorial story shorter, I trained, sailed, ran and sung sad songs found some nice recipes to sell in the AH before embarking to Redridge. The pictorial part shows you that I'm adamantly convinced that the game deliberately tries to hinder my travels by putting both herbal and ore nodes to such places that there is a bodyguard right next to them: be it bear, wolf or an eel underwater, there is always a bug to bug Gnomore there.

The bright side was - though - to be of help to a little girl who had lost her necklace.

Helped her with a ding.

As Gnomore started to work around Redridge, I got a bit sidetracked... and found myself in the Blackrock Pass, staring out into the higher level area. Of course I had to get Gnomore there, in little pieces if nothing else worked. It turned out that that was the only way in the end...

But finally Gnomore was there!

At this point I remembered where Gnomore was supposed to be, so I flew him back to Redridge and continued from where I had initially found out that I had not trained his gathering skills properly. There are extremely interesting - and daunting - orc settlements in the area, with Black Dragon Riders and all, but I didn't that put Gnomore off. After some careful planning, several avoidance maximizing side steps and - surprisingly - no running back, this was a sight for sore eyes.

Friendly faces and kinred spirits hiding at the end of the known world to rescue! After gaining yet another (third) flight point in the area, Gnomore set off and... I'm convinced that the game is really being nasty on me, making my finger twitch for the Smite, Holy Fire and all things that kill, maim and cause discomfort.

Well, off Gnomore went anyhow. After circling around the area, I found a very, very disturbing sight.

I don't know about you, but to me this was a very hard blow in the face, gut and all. You see, this is the first time I - at least consciously - encounter extreme brutality from a player faction, rather than from the NPC faction. I can generally understand that the demons and fell creatures do brutal things (like burn people to crisps just for fun, or leech the lifeforce out of them to power their engines or pay the player characters to do their torture... no, forget the last one!), but to make the player to believe that it's ok to treat the other player faction this way... not cool. Maybe the mentality I'm having while playing on Gnomore is starting to rub on me, but I don't find this proper in the game anymore.

Granted the game is rater 12 and above, but still. As I haven't played much on the horde side, I don't know whether there are similar brutalities in the game, at least I don't remember seeing such as I was playing on my undead hunter alt way back after Shattering struck. I feel it was cleaner and in "a not enjoying this but we have to revenge" way tolerable.

The discussion aside, Gnomore finally made the exploration and I guided him to Duskwood, where he's resting from the hard days work, just few thousand short of next level. Which will be 20, mount and Archeology!

I wish you take the time to go through the pictorial, for this was just a condenced version of the whole and there are some pretty nifty pictures not shown in here.