Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stonetalon Gnomore

Gnomore pictorial 27-29

The spot where Gnomore was left in the end of the earlier run was excellent. There was both Tin ore node as well as a node of Wild Steelbloom. A great start for a different kind of run it was, really.

The scenery in the South-Western part of Stonetalon has gone through the biggest change (if we do not take into account the new spots and the green, living forest of the Charred Vale).

However, I had already decided that this time I would make it way deeper into the areas in search of good spot for Gnomore's mining and herbalism. That means also going deeper into the areas in which Gnomore has no reason to be.

So it was through this rabbit hole Gnomore had to crawl...

As it happens, there is not much reason to go back to Stonetalon, except to get that exploration achievement. The ores and herbs are pretty meh and do not provide any progress in any way, be it monetary, skill or levelling.

Desolace, however, is completely different story. The area is a bit over Gnomore's level, and thus is both challenging and rewarding. For some reason those two words - and concepts - should always be connected, and tightly so.

To put the record straight, here is challenge to you.

Satyrs everywhere and quest starting point out there. The Sargeron area is full of nice little challenges in forms of 'go there' and 'collect these'.

And invisible mobs. Have to hate them for sure. Because of them I decided to postpone certain quests in that area, and instead took a trip to the seashore. Map tells it all...

The shore adventure proved that there are interesting quests available, even though while you're flying on a mount doing nothing except admiring the view, you tend to forget the reason to this.

Desolace has become much more interesting, at least from the point of view of a small gnome not into martial endeavors. However, there are certain things that will not change, like the animosity of the centaurs. Now I think they are both hostile towards the player character until you take your side after a killing quest. Only to get to kill one tribe of them.

But I can tell they both loved Gnomore the same way.

You can just guess how nice it was to see the terrain change in the following manner...

Ah, Feralas. That would be the best place to learn more of mining and herbalism. Gnomore is still short few points in mining to get to the Artisan level, but after being chased by a yeti

into the soup bowl of a RARE satyr

and some other rares

Gnomore got to get his Herbalism up to Artisan level.

Snap visit to the Priestess in Dalaran ushered him to Stormwind, changing the continent for the next episode. Which was refreshing, as all the running away from the mobs really started to hurt my fingers (I know, I know, Gnomore doesn't run faster even if I push my finger through the keyboard...).

Conclusion: It's more fun to run in the areas in which Gnomore has no reason to be due to his low level and pacifistic view of life. Then again, he has already over levelled the areas in which he can gain anything in his main skills, mining and herbalism, so it's next to boring to just keep picking the grey herbs just for the experience they provide.

I rather dare the game and go where he's not supposed to be. Like Hinterlands or Western Plaguelands...