Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gnomore, we have a problem!

First things first: Gnomore, the pacifist gnome priest, is closing on level 15. I have come to the conclusion, that the pictorial adventures of Gnomore will continue in Picasa, while I'll report only the progress and some selected issues or notions I have had while playing.

The pictorial can be found here and I will post the beginning picture of the most recent play session in every update post I post.

Last time we left Gnomore, level 9, in Exodar, by the mailbox...

Where we collected the latest winnings of the sales. All in all, Gnomore has made already over 250g and paid off the loan of 40g he got from my other alt.

All in all the adventuring in Exodar area is pretty lucrative, both in levelling and gathering terms: there are quite enough of nice collecting and errand boy quests around and the distribution of mining and herbalism nodes is pretty decent.

In no time Gnomore was level 10 and faced a difficult choice:

Well, difficult for someone without a vocation. But as we have a set of directives on us, the choice was really simple: holy. Too bad the 'characteristic' skill we received was a damage dealing one...

Which was left out of the action bars, naturally. Oh, how many times I have twitched to push the button to kill a critter?!

To go along without killing anyone is a hard job: slow and frustrating. Especially when you meet other characters who just whizz past you in levels as you struggle to gain the next node mined or gathered... But then again, sometimes the other characters are helpfull, too:

This paladin just happened to be there, as I was going along doing this quest in which you have to collect the Navigation maps and compass from the tables around these camps. I didn't approve her use of force there, but then again, it was suitable punishment to the pillaging thieves!

I thank myself for not grouping with this paladin, though, because I noticed something with my druid character which froze my blood. When you group, you share the kills, too. This means that when and if Gnomore ever goes into a group and that group kills even a critter, this will show as a kill in his stats. This is a serious setback for this project. For the time being the situation is as follows:

No creatures killed at level 13!

Now I think the more appropriate set to follow would be the damage done or largest hit dealt, but I have to check whether that is also tied to the group or if that is individual statistic.

Otherwise this project is screwed...

If I knew I'd put a poll in here. The question would be:

Is Gnomore going to be a total pacifist (aka no killing nor participation in groups killing creatures) or standard healer who doesn't kill himself?

My vision was the kind of Florence Nightingale type pacifist: doesn't condone the use of lethal force, but accepts it as part of the current situation and tries to heal and help those in need. The total pacifist would be even longer, as in that case I couldn't participate in LFD parties at all, and the only way to progress would be the endless grind of picking flowers, mining nodes and searching Archeological digsites.

The voice is yours: which way should Gnomore go?

C out