Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gnomore stint

First of all, apologies for this part of being one day 'late'. It feels stupid to blog that line, but this time I feel I have to apologise because of myself. This is because of a single simple technical issue and simple mistake.

The situation with following Gnomore has gotten easier after he got above level 10: you can now see the stats from his Armory page. This takes away the need to take a screenshot of the statistics from now on. As for now I will make a separate folder for each of the sessions with Gnomore and I will compile the stuff on one reference page even later on. Sounds good, right?

Anyhow, Gnomore is going strong. He's been playing an AH mogul and sold all the herbs and ores he's been gathering, and thus the bank account seems pretty assuring:

However, it occurend to me that as I have an inscription character, too, I might as well try to sell the herbs as inks in the future. Currently it seems that even the Ivory Ink sells way above the actual herb prices for some reason or another. As to the ores... At least Copper and Tin seem to be selling better and higher prices as bars, so it will be a visit to the forge every now and then.

Next I will need a new herbalism bag... which my Priest might do for Gnomore at one point or another. I do have one Hyjal bag available, but I will take that out only after Gnomore can pay for it.

After checking the AH and posting the unsold recipes Gnomore found out that it was time for Lunar Festival. You see, there was this funny man standing outside Darnassus bank with that stupid exclamation mark above his head.

And one thing lead to another. After a silly ritual of blowing up half the arsenal of Darnassian Elders, Gnomore took the final part and stepped into the light.

And found himself in Moonglade, the secret and sacred enclave of the druids. This is something I have never understood: why did they have to invent a Lunar Festival to let everyone visit Moonglade anyhow? Besides, the only thing worth travelling there for - except for druids of course - is the guy with funny big horns.

Of course, the festivities require applicable apparel, so while browsing through the things available for the festival tokens (another stupid concept!), Gnomore noticed that there is a festive suit available for mere five Coins of Ancestry.

That is the only reason to collect the coins for Gnomore, as you get no experience, no reputation, no prestige for doing anything for the festival at the low level.

The mandatory picture showing that trying to take a snapshot even in a game you end up with some jerk in the picture you've been waiting to take...

In Moonglade there is one peculiar thing, though: you can get in, but you cannot get out except by hearthing. You see, there is a flight point, an unisex one serving both factions, but the Flight Masters are clever bunch:

Yup. They notice that you are not a druid and refuse to server you, even for good money. All Gnomore was left with was to explore the whole Moonglade while being at it.

Long story short, just as the exploration got finished, Gnomore got pounced by Omen. That big, ugly double headed doggie just sat on him and that was that. You want proof?

That is me under that ugly thing over there. Not the nicest way to get an exploration achievement, but hey, who's counting?

Nothing more to do in Moonglade, so Gnomore hearthed to Darnassus and decided to finish the exploration of Bloodmyst Isle: there were a couple of places still uncovered, Talon Stand being the most prominent and difficult because of the fact that it is located up on top of the hill surrounded by the undead dragonlings.

Talon Stand is up there on the island, so it's swimming around. But who can complain with scenes like this?

As it happens, in the northern part of the Bloodmyst Isle is the Hidden Reef, which actually hides - in addition to a quest boss Aqueous (?) - some pretty nice views. It came to surprise to me that the underwater scenery has been this nice even before Vashj'ir, which is kind of bland after the blood red sea.

Been there, seen Bloodmyst and it's off to Darkshore. One mental note for the future, though: use ground mount instead of flight. All the blinking herbs and mining nodes made me weep on the way there...

In Darkshore Gnomore was greeted by an Elder: second coin towards the Festive Suit!

The only quest for the day was to check the survivors of Darkwing, and one thing I have not gotten in terms with in the latest changes is apparent in this picture:
You can see the 'important' NPC's from a far, because their name tags stand out like a neon sign in the dark. Even with this, I had some difficulty finding one of them, which was disguised as a shrubbery under a tree just above the shoreline...

Nice part of this visit to the Darkshore was the fact that Gnomore completed his 50th quest and got his skills upgraded by a very appropriate priest.

So, Gnomore is stuck in Darkshore, off to find more coins if he has time for it. This session's pictorial can be found at this site.