Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here and there and everywhere: Gnomore

Last time we left Gnomore sitting at lv6 in Westfall. Warring zone with loads of disturbing mobs to be afraid of, but luckily, like I showed last time, we have a pop-icon looking after the things over there...

As Gnomore was visiting the gate of the garrison to be, he noticed how the dissidents and homeless were trying to get in as the guards were holding them out. This struck as a bit odd thing, because...

They only had to walk a few meters to enter the garrison through the unfinished wall... like the mobs do!

So not everything is equal in WoW, especially stupidity of the NPC's...

To cut the long story short (and to be seen to all who are interested in this address), Gnomore explored the Westfall area, got the Achievement and started looking for greener pastures.

That does look like more lush and green, now doesn't it? Of course, when you compare that to the dry and dusty Westfall, it looks delightfull, but as Gnomore crossed the bridge, it wasn't as inviting after all.

So after some exploration

and corpse running,

 it was time to fly off to 'new' areas and different green pastures. However, as this meant a travel through Stormwind, it was decidedly a good time to check the mail and visit the AH again. Just the few minutes in the city resulted sales, though.

And that was only the tip of the iceberg: I could pay the loan back to my main and still have over 57g earned after this session! The low level herbs and ores seem to sell pretty decently in the server right now.

Off to the boat and to the greenest place in starter areas: Teldrassil!

The peculiar thing in this place is, though, that I couldn't find any mining nodes at all. Herbs and curiosities in abundance, but nothing to dig. Perhaps the fact that this is on wood has something to do with it?

Oh, and just my luck...

A rare. You don't see those too often, but when you do you really have the itch to change the keybinds.

Anyhow, the most interesting pair of quests I've done so far have been in here. One to retrieve the Dreamcatcher for the elven lord, the other to check out a missing scout in the village overrun by Furbolgs. The only problem were the Furbolgs...

You see, the Dreamcatcher was in the same house as one furbolg guarding it (seen on the left in this picture). Power Word: Shield on and run in, catch the catcher and run out as far as you can. Worked. The missing scout was at the second floor of a house with two furbolgs at the ground floor and one at the second...

PW:S and Renew FTW!

I made them both on the same run!

But soon Teldrassil was explored, loads of herbs collected and it was time to move on to the next starter area, Azuremyst Isle. Being the lazy bugger (and all this taking about 3 hours of my Rift time!), I just ran Gnomore to Exodar and ...

Look, there's a Call for a Hero in there! Free Exp!

So there Gnomore is, level 9, some 17 quests done, over 57g earned and no creatures killed.

You can see in the pictorial ( here ) a more detailed version of the journey. There are some funny things you do not pay attention to when you are really playing 'the normal way', like how much of the gathering nodes are surrounded by mobs or how the spirit healers are placed poorly. Or how incredibly much you really get experience from one quest alone at this level range.

The further I'm going, the more I wish I had a mount: this only because I know how much faster that would be. Then again, the excitement of the project is to survive as long as possible and get even that difficult node gathered. Renew and PW:S have become my best friends and they are popped up every time at the first sign of trouble. Sometimes they work (in equal level areas/mobs), sometimes not (like in Duskwood).

The problem with the current progress is the fact that my Herbalism is already over levelled to the content: the skill isn't increasing anymore except in very rare occasions. Then again, as Gnomore is below lv10 I find it very hard to go further without making the levelling too hard in terms of actual levels. In a way I'm giving in to the comfort seeking me in this: I rather gather the herbs and ores giving me less exp and no skill up than risk corpse running in areas which would give more of both. We'll see what happens when I get higher.

The plan is to level to 15 and start looking for random dungeons for levelling. Actually I'm more looking forward to level 20, when I get to train Archeology: that will be a new speed up to the levelling.

What I fear the most, however, is the dark pit of levels 42 onwards in LFD instances. On my druid I haven't been able to complete most of the instances at that range due to the groups disbanding or breaking up in cussing and calling, so to get to the Outlands will be a challenge, really.

How come the journey seems to be more important than the destination? Beats me.

C out