Thursday, January 28, 2010

WoW challenge

Tobold has taken the discussion of WoW being too easy to a new level with his made up letter from Ghostcrawler. Granted, that discussion has been around at least as long as I've blogged, most probably for as long as WoW has been around. 

Some have taken that as a challenge, especially lately. Gevlon has initiated the Undergeared challenge on the end content, with the intention to raid the current end game content in blue gear and with people playing toons of which they do not have very good experience. Thus far they have cleared the IC 5man normal content without problems. I know there is another similar project going on in the US servers (Gevlon's undergeared guild in on EU-server Arathor).

Tobold posted some days ago a post about the issue and pointed out that the game has gotten even easier for the players who use addons. I admit, I use addons quite extensively, all the way from Tankmaster to DBM, from Elitist Group to Omen and Recount. 

I think there is a way for Blizzard to recognize the raiders running with addons from those who are not. Why don't they just add an challenging achievement to the lot. 

Raid completed without the use of addons.

The challenge would be to run the game without using any addons at all, only the Blizzard issue standard UI (I admit that Tobold proposed this, too).

I would like to see that video in which the raid party runs through the content from zero to hero, from starter area to Arthas, without any addons at the same speed as people do currently with the addons. Only in that case you could really say that the game has gotten too easy.

You see, the addons are a kind of a cheat I wrote earlier about: they change the playing experience and make it easier than the game was intended by the designers.

So, is there anyone out there to take the challenge to run the end content without the use of addons?

PS. I already know I will get smack on my face for posting this. So bring it on.