Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stoopid computer

My computer has been acting lately. At first I have taken the blame on my kids, who have been surfing and playing whatever flash based games where ever they have found them. Granted, that has been the easiest thing to do with all the malware and spybots I've removed from the machine after each of their game sessions. But the situation has gotten worse over the last few months when their time on computer has been restricted and that made me worry.

So I've ran some programs to tweak, clean and repair my old XP installation. Only to make things worse.

Until I resorted to the thing I should have done way earlier. I removed my old F-Secure antivirus program and replaced it with Avast.

Holy Guacamole!

Goodbye sloppiness, goodbye stalling screens in WoW. That old rusty resource hog was eating up the memory more than anything!

The funniest part is that no memory checking program noticed anything unusual and the control panel didn't show any strange memory usage. The antivirus just has slowed down the processes in some ways I don't understand, making the machine go slower and slower over time.

Anyhow, my worries on that area are over. WoW loaded up faster than ever, the buttons and bars which had been missing from time to time loaded immediately and even the AH and mailbox worked faster.

I love it.