Monday, January 25, 2010

Two extremes in one weekend (yawp)

What a weekend. First some 'old instances', like Shadow Labs with Bishop for the Karazhan attunement chain. Just duoing that for the heck of it and having fun. Even wiped on Murmur again, this time just out of spite and for the heck of it. After that we took on a random, only to find ourselves in Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom.

The group was a mishmash in both gearing, gemming and enchanting. To the point that one of the dps left before the first boss. The healer druid left after the first wipe. The dps mage, who couldn't contain his aggro generation shouted "NOOOOOOB TANK" after dying despite of me spamming taunt and devastate on the Guardian he was shooting at. After the third try the whole team broke. The only sane comment was from a paladin who came to the last try: "If you do not know the boss, do have the decency to say so before the pull." Agree. Then again, I've been there enough times to say that the whole group screw it up, and it wasn't the tank's fault. I had the guardians on me as soon as I could get within the taunt range, even if the dps/healer ran away from me (thanks to the minor speed buff of Tuskarr's Vitality!), and even as I was a tank, I was dpsing at the top of the group. I mean groups. Sure, that mage had over 3k dps, but dps without aggro management is suicide.

It just was a failpug. That's all. No excuses, I was part of it.

The other extreme came on Sunday. We had a couple of hours electric blackout and I wasn't sure if I would make it to the guild weekly raid. However, I made it and I got into the Icecrown Citadel for the first time: the weekly was Marrowgar.

The fight is very simple, at least on the tanks: tank, spank and stay away from the cold flames.

The group, however, was a mix of alts and newcomers (like me). Most of the people hadn't encountered this boss earlier. Never the less, we did it on the 8th run, when everyone had learned their lesson on their own part.

Did it feel good? Damn right it did. Got a nice mace to replace my trusty old Peacekeeper Blade, which I will keep in my bag still. Just for the sake of Sword Specialization...

This week starts a new era in the blog: Azariell has 'joined' as an author and I may have to come up with a new punchline. He'll post an introduction at some point when it suits him: I know he has at least one post in the list already. The way I have thought this is that we'll have one post per day on the weekdays and weekends are 'free' of posts. That's the first time I've put on any schedule in the blog, so it's bound to be changed or broken right away.

Straight ahead towards new disappointments!