Friday, January 22, 2010

Comic relief

I feel so stupid.

No. I have been stupid.

Well, maybe I still am, but I have been shown to be extremely stupid.

I've been sitting in Dalaran, using my emblems on the vendors and wondering how come I cannot unlock the T9 gear at all. Due to my hate towards the Argent Tournament I haven't visited the area since the LFD launched, and I have visited the vendors there way back when the Tournament was opened, only to make a mental note that their gear requires something I don't have.

I have changed that mental note later to tell me that they require tokens for the gear, and there is no emblem gear available from the Argent Tournament vendors.

Stupid me. /smack in the head

As if there were any pointers to them in-game, anywhere... I wonder how many players even 'need' to visit Argent Tournament area now, as you can enter the Trial of the Champion through the LFD...?