Monday, January 11, 2010

Sad sight at low levels

I've been trying to get as much mileage under my n52te as possible over the weekend, and I've been doing it mostly on my non-guilded low level toons. The reason is this: the less I have crucial skills, the easier it is for me to hardwire the new movement system I'm implementing. I got rid of the idea of using keys to move: instead, I'm using the dpad to move front-back and strafe, turning with mouse. This frees up the keypad for binds, which I have taken to the 'typical' binding route: leftmost buttons (01, 06, 11) are modifiers (alt, ctrl and shift, respectively) and the keys are for binds.

Works miracles at the moment on lowbie druid, especially for a caster. As a melee, it's still a mess due to the movement combined to the skill use.

It's very hard to get any real action besides the normal questing, though. It seems that while the random Dungeon Finder (LFD) is a bliss and haven of anonymous heroic grinding at level cap, its awfully silent -and defunct- at lower levels. Even at lv73 its pretty hard even for a healer to get a group, it seems. And at even lower levels the group takes forever to form and when its formed, it disappears at the first sign of trouble. Really!

I was in three groups which formed at the low levels (below lv30) and they all fell apart before the first boss. As I discussed about this with my brother who has a drood (?!) at a bit higher level, he said the same: it's neigh impossible to get the group to go beyond the first sign of trouble, let alone to have the persistence to go through a wipe. Either it is the uncomfortable feeling of being social or the illusion that the questing would be more faster way to experience than the instance.

I doubt it, though.

Or maybe people have already noticed that the Satchet of Helpfull Goods is actually a bag of crap, giving you a caster belt when you are a tank or something alike. A gear which is useful for another class completely, giving you neigh advantage at all.

While LFD is a great pass time at level cap, at lower levels it fails miserably. I guess it won't get any better before Outlands. I doubt it will get any better there, either.

The rewards just are not enough for the low level instances. The instances are too long, too time consuming and just too much compared to the heroics of the capped, so your anonymity starts wear off. The grouping becomes awkward and the failures too personal.

Would it be time to write a guide to newcomers about levelling properly and enjoying the low level instances?

Because currently the low level LFD is a sad sight to see.