Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What was I thinking?!

Gearing game in WoW, especially in the connection to the level cap end game, is frustrating at best. There is always a way to get your scores higher: a nip here, an enchant there, another gem change if possible. It's a rat chase to reach the unreachable, something Blizzard makes impossible to achieve.

The perfect stats to win the game.

Now here I have to take a step back. WoW is a MMO, not a game per se. Nothing to win in there, except the encounters and the end bosses. Nothing to gain from getting the best in slot gear to each and every possible place with the best enchants and gems. Except that it makes the end game easier, that is.

And for the raiders its something that makes the latest end boss more achievable.

I just spent 25 Emblems of Valor for a Platinum Mesh Cloak and 56 Emblems of Conquest for new belt and gloves. That's 81 Emblems of Triumph which I had earned from the heroics I've run over the weeks. As I was gemming and enchanting them I was consulting our helpful guild about the stats, something hit me. Yes, I capped def way back when with the help of Kadomi's list. And I capped hit with the few pieces of gear I got, making my hit 300. And I got my Expertise up to 19 from 15.

Why the heck am I doing this?! I'm not even raiding, and I'm already overgearing the heroics severely?

What am I thinking?

I could have used the emblems to purchase nice Heirloom items for my alts instead. I could have used them to purchase new pieces of gear to my DPS set, which is glaringly lacking the punch needed.

And I could have spared the 6k+ gold which I used in gemming the set up to the point it is for something useful on my alts.

What the heck was I thinking?

Of course, it would be nice to get myself into a shape to get an entry to any raid. The weekly I was in was fun, but obviously the group over geared it so severely that it wasn't a challenge as such.Despite the wipes, which were due to poor execution.

It's funny to think that people -and the LFD tool- think that people are ready for heroics right away when they ding 80. Well, IMO they shouldn't be ready. And with the current rate of LFD matching people to over geared instances they definitely shouldn't be ready for the more challenging content. Someone posted about this and suggested at leasts a mandatory normal run for each instance before being allowed to run the heroics: if not else but to show the mechanics of the instance.

That's how the raid progression works, I think. The raid instances have evolved and developed from the old Vanilla era raids through The Burning Crusade raids, Sunwell and finally through the Wrath of the Lich King instances to the Icecrown Citadel. There is a continuity in there, which the raiding veterans describe in terms of old instance bosses. "This is like [enter Vanilla boss] with the abilities from [enter TBC boss] and this special attack" is pretty normal description about the bosses the raids are encountering at the moment. Even the Icecrown 5 mans have been described with similar terms.

So are we been fed with too easy content up to the Icecrown, where the difficulty should ramp up considerably?

And why the heck would I prepare my toon to encounter the hardest content in the game, when I have passed the former training grounds -Naxx, Ulduar, ToC 10/25- completely?

What was I thinking?!