Friday, January 29, 2010

Three rode again

The nights like last one are too far and too apart: you see, the Three Stooges went together to mess things up and ... well, messy...

As it happens, my brother Förgelös (rogue, lv74) has very little time to devote to the game, so I and my other brother, Bishopgeorge (Shadow/disc priest), have overlevelled him already. Quite badly, as you can see. But that did slow down our bad humor, disgraceful dying and making fools of ourselves.

Due to the level difference it's quite possible for us to three man almost any of the normal pre-80 5 man instances. Due to the possible drops we settled for the Azjol Nerub and Ahn'Kahet. Well, part of the reason was also that in running heroics there is never time to look around and admire the scenery. Like Bishop so cleverly put it: "Random heroic runs are like you had a tunnel vision: faster, faster, where's the next mob". And in most cases you don't even get the time to really 'learn' the mobs.

So we did AN first. Cool runnings, time to see the scenery and show Förgelös the bosses and their specialities. I wonder why Blizzard has put so much effort in making the unreachable areas of this instance (the levels you see while dropping from Hadronox's lair down to the bottom) so extremely beautiful? Because I had seen the slow motion version (some paladin buffed me with the slow falling buff once), we took the priestly way of descending by levitation, and the brothers shared my thoughts: the sights are beautiful, the graphics outstandingly alien and compelling.

I as the tank didn't tell anything about the bosses except what the rogue dps should concentrate on. Too much information would have spoiled the fun in Anub already, let alone in the OK we hit next. By the way, this was the first time I used the 'right' exit from AN, which I was surprised to find out there?!

Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom was the mess it always is. I think the place is something in which the developers have wanted to recreate something similar as -say- Wailing Caverns, but in a bit more condensed format. The result? Messy, sprawling place with no red line. With loads of extremely intriguing details and places out there, where you cannot reach in any ways.

This was the third run I've had in OK where the moss boss was missing: Is it a bug or has that boss been removed? I'm inclined to believe that it's a bug, as the outline and figure of the boss was hovering over several of the blue bonfires around the instance, reminding that there has been such a creature. But the boss was nowhere to find.

Herald Volazj was the encounter I was referring to when I stated that I gave as little information as possible of the bosses: I remember my initial surprise when he cast the nightmare vision on me for the first time and the disgust of having to fight myself there, so I wanted Förgelös to experience the thing himself. And it was a shock: when I had downed my opponents I 'woke up' to see Förgelös running away from his counterparts at the rim of the room, obviously not noticing how weak they were!

The instances were fun to three man, and netted pretty decent gear for the newly dinged lv74 rogue. It gave us level capped, but instance overlevelled players the possibility to look around, learn and see the fights at a lot slower pace, making it easier later on to take the challenges on higher level.

Then again, the challenge in heroics is more to cope with the rest of the group than with the instance bosses themself. Sad, isn't it?