Monday, January 18, 2010

They put the fun back into my game

Just when I thought that all the fun lies in the levelling, I got a surprise and a note that my whining hasn't been just my problem.

Recently I've been doing my random heroics pretty quietly and slowed down on my guild chat due to the fact that I've had this nagging feeling that the guild is too much achievement oriented and rushing everything to be the #1. Well, this is true, the guild is at the top spot in ICC raid bosses, congratulation and hooray for that, but this has caused the fact that the social and relaxed fun aspects have been suffering a bit. It's all natural and it most certainly isn't my spot as a newcomer to the guild (which has been around since the beginning of the game) to whine and nag about this, when most of the guild -especially the raiding core- is doing fine and dandy.

So I took up the tanking spot in IC 5man normal for some alts with both some enthusiasm (finally a chance to learn the fights PROPERLY) and doubt (alts of the raiders...).

To begin with, it all started by me changing to dps: a pally had been given the tanking spot. Good and dandy. Tought my UI was a mess only to notice that I was doing dps in defensive stance... I had changed my gear and my spec, but forgot to check my stance, which I do not change too often, if ever...

All the merrier. It was all fun and jokes and a epic wipe: DK took out his Army of the Dead on Devourer of Souls and we went down in a few seconds.That mirrored soul isn't too cool with the Army, I say. Sadly the tank had to leave for their raid right after we downed the Devourer on our second try, without the Army. So we got another dps to cover my loss (bah, it was a gain to get me off the dps meters... :P), so enter my brother Bishopgeorge, in his spiffy shadowpriest gear.

Needless to say, I ran PoS for the first time as a tank, all went well except those transition mobs from Ick and Crick to the tunnel gauntlet (hate them!). And as we were going to HoR... Bish hadn't done the q to enter. Nevertheless, we called it a night and promised to do the same later.

Next evening. Me and three of the former team grouped for FoS and PoS and wanted to see if we could get further. All fun and laughter and from the newcomer -our resident healer then- came a surprising comment after we had wiped four times on the Devourer of Souls (this time we had a shammy who unleashed his wolf pack and didn't understand the fault before we told about the Army of the Dead incident... with hysterical laughter). It was simply:"This is what I've been missing in the game. Fun and laughter, not worrying about dying."

It was just that for the whole run. In which we didn't get to the HoR at all: to the door and then everyone had to leave.

These few guildies put the fun back into my game. Thanks for that.

They also reminded me about the fact that I've been too much trying to reach the hc content: Normal IC 5mans are still challenging and rewarding enough for a social slacker like me, even though my gear would give me the keys to run the harder content.

After all, the game should be all relaxed and fun. Not a chore.