Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a bloody team effort

Whatever way you look at it, MMO's are a team effort in more ways than one. In the most basic level, the single character's growth from zero to hero is a single experience both to the toon and to the player, but everything else is involving co-operation with other toons and players.

Dungeons. Group quests. Raids. Guilds. Trading.

The difficulties in maintaining these functions boils always down to the communication and understanding on the personal level.

That's why I'm pretty much bothered by the silent 5man runs the LFD is providing. In fact, I'm pretty much bothered by the silence in all the areas of the game: even the /2 trade and 1/ general are pretty silent when you take the excessive spam off the channels.

Proper communication is key to success in team effort. Assuming that others understand you perfectly leads to disaster. If you are leading a party, take that few sentences in that PUG group to explain in few words the bosses, do not assume others know and execute it the way you want to.

Do not assume I know what you mean with your silence.

Communication is the key thing to success in team effort. Make it count.

Sure, not all of us can type while we're bashing the trash. Wait for the more quiet moment (mana break?) to state your mind. You may not ever see the rest of the group again, but they may rank you in something like Elitist Group for others to see. That one helpful sentence may help you later on in your runs.

Not all of us are as vocal with their concerns: never the less, the concerns are not any less than those of the vocal minority. After all, it's a team effort and the team is just as strong as it's weakest link. The failrun has it's weakest link, and if you are there for the first time without saying anything about it, it's your fault. By stating that you are there for the first time, do not understand or do not know the stuff you may well get advice on how to proceed.

Might even get congratulated for your honesty.

MMORPG, Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game, is a team effort in it's multi-player part. Behind each and every player controlled toon is a player, a person, with different values, knowledge and experience of the game. To convey your thoughts and information to those other players with whom you play ensures that they understand your position and point of view, and in the end, makes your life a bit easier in the MMO world of your choice.

In the group content -5mans and raids- you are nothing without the team. The team can replace you, but you cannot experience the content without a team. The same goes with a guild: the guild can easily replace you, but without the guild you are deprived from a lot of things in the game.

In team effort, communication is everything. Even more than skills.

Open up and share your thoughts.