Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Az revealed

Not that much to tell about me to be honest, but as I will be posting in our dear Copra's blog from time to time, I will write a little story about me, myself and I.

I have been playing WoW for about 3,5 half years now (atleast, thats how far the payment history got me). I've been an avid gamer for about 12 years and have always been an absolute sucker for a great storyline. Games I absolutely loved playing where the Baldurs Gate series, the Neverwinter Nights games, and the KotOR series (to name a few). I've always been a big fantasy fan and actually managed to fight the urge to buy WoW for quite some time...and then a few of my RL friends started playing and I was lost...

During my time at the University I got hooked on browser based online games where I met up with Copra at some time or another. We lead a clan together which at its highest point had a member-base of around 200 active players. From my time in that clan I learned quite a few things. Not just about playing games and managing a group of that size, but also about how people act, how people react and general behavior of the anonymous.

Back to WoW! From the start I've been playing my Warlock (Azariell, Thunderhorn for those who hadn't guessed). I did the first 40 levels completely solo (in a bank-alt guild of a friend where nobody ever was online, so to not get the 'wanna join my guild plxthx'). I intentionally did not join a 'real' guild as I first wanted to learn the game and wanted to know what I was talking about. Anyway, I joined a casual but raiding guild, and by the time TBC hit the shelves I had gotten to lvl 56. In TBC I got to 70 a bit slower than most, but compared to the average WoW player, I did not play that much. Sure I had times that I spend countless hours in WoW, but other months where I did much less. Overall I never really raided in TBC, I did the occasional Kara guild farming run, but that was about it. I enjoyed myself with my own personal quests be it leveling tailoring 0-375 in one go, or getting enough money to buy that amazing epic flyer (seems to be so easy these days). Ow, and I even got Copra to switch from the US servers to the EU ones (something he still regrets I think)

WotLK somehow was a different story for some reason. I leveled my lock (with a small break in between) and got it geared to a decent level pretty fast. Still was not raiding as I couldn't commit myself to a single night of free time. Instead I leveled a second toon (something I hadn't ever taken the time for before) which is my tanking druid, Aerun. Also got that one geared up, and having an absolute blast with it (did my first ICC 10-man run as OT today). It also greatly enhanced my scope of WoW, and the view on other roles than DPS.

Lately I have been thinking about raiding again. I say again because I thought about it once before, but got rejected as the raiding coalition my guild is in got 3 Lock applications at the same time, of which the one with the most raid experience was chosen (me having zero experience).
Anyway,I think the blood got flowing again from being dragged into ICC a few times by my guildies during the first weeks of 3.3. I got to experience what it was like to step into an instance the first time anybody entered it. Progress raiding at its finest. Together with another friend we are now discussing a 'casual' raid. Not progress oriented, but maybe just to do the weekly raid together or something. But if that ever happends, you'll be hearing about it.

Anyway, thats about it, me and my gaming in a nutshell.

Ow and just a warning, when I start typing, its a bit hard for me to stop...This one also got too long again...ah well, you'll get used to it if you stick around long enough to read some of my posts.

So to end of with a little question. Copra got me to write a few pieces now and then and got me started, how or why did you start blogging?