Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not excited at the moment

When I don't play WoW, I have nothing to write about. Yesterday I visited the game just to check my AH and do one fishing daily on my priestess. RL pushed on and next thing I knew was that I was fast a sleep in my own bed.

However, the thing is that Star Trek Online -or STO among friends and foes- has entered Open Beta, and more or less the majority of the MMO bloggers are commenting on their adventures in the "final frontier" where they have "boldly gone" with a huge lot of people.

For me Star Trek has never been a big thing. No, it was when I was a little boy and it was shown in TV for the first time over here early 70's. It was great, cool and all only because of the space ships and aliens and all, and it enticed the imagination of the young and bright boy.

For me it was Star Wars which broke the dam. My dad took me to see the original movie -later known as Episode IV: The New Hope- in the opening night and I was sold.

Taking this all into account, I'm not so excited about the next big MMO launch as one might suppose. I'm not even sorry about it: the last 'big thing' I got excited about -WAR- proved to be one of the big flops of last year and I passed that because I didn't rush in, but waited the few months after the launch to see how it goes. Now I'm not even waiting for the launch to pass.

I just let it pass (like @VanHemlock so cleverly responded to my tweet about this: "can take it or leave it here.")

WoW is my first real MMO I've gotten myself into. I've tried EQ2 and loved it, but something alienated me from the world. I've tried some other minor games, too, but they all lack something in the spirit and performance, something I cannot always pinpoint properly (like The Chronicles of the Spellborn). I think Mike Schramm said it best in his recent blog post:
I used to play EVE Online and World of Warcraft (and D&D Online, and a couple of other MMOs) back when I worked on, but I found out pretty quickly that I never ended up playing either one enough to justify two subscriptions. And I’m not really that much of a Star Trek fan — I am much more of a Star Wars guy. I like the rough and tumble better than the diplomatic teleporting. If STO gets amazing reviews, I may do a free trial, but no, I don’t have any plans to pick up another MMO very soon.
I'm a miser and I'm paying for one monthly sub at the moment. The trial of the next game -or the setting- has to be something that really tickles my fancy to take up on another subscription, even more so to make me drop the 3-4 years of 'history' I'm still living and loving, despite the whining and ranting about the mishandling and lack of innovation in the game I'm committed to.

Which still is WoW.

PS. Now that I've stated that, I'm pretty sure that something drastic happens and I end up abandoning WoW. I have a history of such things: I make a promise and make it public only to notice after a while that I've ended up doing exactly the opposite. But in this case, it will not be STO.