Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Quite nice thing to have a site counter to see where people are coming to the blog. Recently there has been a distinct trend that the comments that I post to other, more esteemed, blogs create a decent amount of visitors. As it happens, it seems to do so in growing numbers, as I remember my comments causing only one or two visitors from those comments. Now I can count ten to twelve visitors from a single comment... Peculiar.

Another 'everlasting' search word that brings visitors to the blog is Maraudon. Obviously people are looking for information on how, why, when and what is that much neglected but extremely beautifull instance. Oh, yes, it's long, time consuming trap, but IMO it's worth every minute of it. Once you've run through it, though, you will not do it again unless you must.

I'm getting steady few hits a day, doubling everytime I post. Or comment in someone's blog. I wish to see some growth as I will start blogging with positive mindframe. Positivity breeds success.

Anyhow, thank you for visiting and I wish you a nice rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

I agree, comments can certainly bring a decent amount of traffic to a blog. Commenting on other blogs is almost as important as writing posts, traffic-wise ;)

Anonymous said...

I still have to question why traffic matters so much? Better 5 really good readers than 500 idiots -- at least that's my motto, and it works for me. /grin

On a slightly less facetious note, posting does bring views -- or as I've noticed, *not* posting makes traffic go down, which I guess is no great shock.

For a while I let that pressure me into thinking I had to post, till I reminded myself that I'm not posting for the views anyway, but rather to air my *own* views; I'm not too bothered who reads them and I'd post them even if nobody was reading them. Besides, this is the internet, there's always at least one nut out there willing to read my blog. :-D

Unknown said...

Every blogger is a selfish, egoistic buster, who in the end is interested how many others are interested in what s/he is ranting. Admit it, Ysh, that you find it very heartwarming to find some comments in your blog.

Hey, that one nut might even be... ME!?



Crucifer said...

I'm not entirely sure how I discovered your blog, but it was from reading Tobold and then a bunch of other MMO blogs. What keeps me coming back is that I identify with most of your writing.

Anonymous said...

Oh for sure, I love the comments, because lots of smart and funny people have had some pretty good stuff to contribute. But if they didn't, I'd still be writing. If the audience is the only thing a blogger cares about it's usually fairly evident, and I move on. Wanting an audience is no guarantee of quality. Being happy to have readers doesn't necessarily mean that's all one thinks about, either.

I dispute your selfish/egotistic characterisation and I contend that it's not in the spirit of positivity week! ;-D

(Did I mention that my own positivity week attempt last year lasted about 2.5 seconds?)

Unknown said...

I really meant the comment of selfish, egoistic and self-centered blogging in positive meaning: when the egoistic self tries to convey it's thoughts in a way that gets appreciated by others -boosting the self-esteem of the egoistic self- it tries to do it's best.

Well, look at Matticus: if he gets not-so-good response to his thoughts he's down for a week. Or until his next post blows the blues away, anyhow.

And he's one of the good guys in WoW blogging, really.

But yes, mainly I write to clarify my thoughts, too. Even though it has formerly ended in ranting about something petty and unnecessary, it has helped to realize certain things about the games, family and life in general.

Nice, isn't it!


PS: Thank you Crucifer for your comment: heartwarming to see that I'm connected to Tobold at least in some way... :P