Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Positive week challenge!

I tweeted last week on Friday, that I challenge all, each and every tweeter and blogger following me to post and tweet only positive things this week. I'm going to do my best at that, because it is a challenge for me: I'm Mr. Negative in my thinking, seeing ghosts and goblins behind every corner. People at the office know me best by my daily quote: "Pessimist will not disappoint", so go figure.

Weekend was fa-bu-lous. I pruned the guild, dropping some 10 or so toons out of the roster: none of them had logged in within the last two months, and I hate the idea of MY guild being an alt garage. Now we're down in the member count, but at least these members are active, up-and-running and available at least occasionally. 

Based on the quick tweet-poll, a social guild cannot be active without an active GM. Social guilds need their town fool to run the show, arrange activities and keep the things running smoothly. Kind of taking the burden off of the shoulders of the players themselves.

I can live with that: I'm on slow fuel, so the guild can take that, too.

On the other hand, I levelled three toons during the weekend: priest, druid and warrior. Boy what a different experience each was to another! Now I understand that you can switch the build but not necessarily master all of them as well: I was so lost of the keybindings of my Warrior after the two casters at first. But soon enough I was killing things some levels above my level, so no real problems in there.

AH was a HUGE success: I bought Slime Stream Bands for 1500g (biggest purchase ever for me) and sold them within minutes for 2800g, making nice 1100g profit (excluding the AH fees and such). What was especially rewarding in this was the fact that I was being 'forced' to accept that the Bands were worth 'just' 2000g in direct trade. Now I'm having Avool's Sword of Jin to sell, which I bought for 1400g: it's easily worth 2500-3000g, now I just have to find the raider who is in dire need of enhancing DPS.  Considering the profit I made earlier, I'm very much on the safe side with this purchase and will be making some neat profit.

All the while, the smaller, bread and butter trades are going on. I've found that the Converter function in Auctioneer is a real money maker, and it's pretty incredible how much money you can make just by scanning the products sold below Vendor prices... my last count was a bit over 12 g in two days, so go figure!

All in all, I enjoyed my weekend in the games. What a change: I just took myself from the grind and enjoyed the minigame of AH.

What a strange and postive thing world is.


Anonymous said...

I've already broken the rules! :D But seriously, how can we let "syfy" pass without some sort of cutting remark? It's just not possible to say anything nice about a decision like that.

Except maybe that whoever came up with that is probably having a great time sipping mohitos in Acapulco. :P

Unknown said...

I didn't say it was easy, but even the worst negative thing can be expressed with positive words making it ironic or even sarcastic to the extreme.

If you take one step back from your latest post (Syfayl) and rewrite it in a positive, sarcastic tone, you'll see what I mean.

And I know you already possess the talent and style to do it right.