Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Thought #3: Same old, same old

Caught myself 'reading' 237 blog entries through my reader. Learned a lesson, which dmosbon politely told me after I had Tweeted that I lost my appetite to write anything to this blog of mine after reading other blog entries. The lesson is: write before reading your reader.

Point taken.

The blogosphere seems to be full of the same old: PTR news and discussion, why WoW is so good/bad/better than game X, why game X is better/worse than WoW and so on. What's new?

Actually Tobold posted a nice wall of text about why Age of Conan, Warhammer and Darkfall didn't succeed in being the WoW killer. While he's making it pretty provocative, I cannot but think in similar veins. WoW just did everything better than the competitors and has being improving over time, regardless of us vocal minority who report the problems in the game.

For me it's simple: I have my brothers in WoW, and they are not willing to switch to some new, unknown game. So I stay. And I don't have the time to start a game in which the social tools might be better, the challenge is bigger and the options more varied simply because it takes enormous amount of time to get into the social circles, grow the character and learn the game.

Dumbed down it may be, but WoW is the best there is around for the real casual player me. It could be easily better, if the level distribution wasn't so screwed and up heavy, so the world would seem more alive. And the social contacts were there. 

But that's another story.

I wish you a good weekend, where ever you may roam, what ever you may do.

Don't hurt yourself.

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