Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Different breeds

Inspite of what the topic suggests, this time I'm not talking about players nor classes. Instead I'm plunging my head into the swamp of different servers and especially their AH economies. Being avid reader of Gevlon, WoWEconomics and MMOAuctioneer, and a long time Auctioneer user on the server I'm residing, I have decided to take a challenge on another server, too. Quite new and only low population server which is on the suggested list still. As a matter of fact, when the opportunity came for free transfers, I transferred my kids toons to this server along with one of my horde side toons. A priest, as it happens.

With just 9g with her, this priest was activated only on weekend. Like I have posted earlier, I have a mild case of burnout to the levelling grind and overlevelling the content. So I decided to start the minigame of auctioneering, flipping and making steals in the marketplace.

Boy what an experience that was! Whereas in Thunderhorn, first generation server with majority of the toons level capped and alts, you really have a huge competition and most of the niches have been covered, in this server everything is open for (ab)use. Within few hours I had built my wealth to 50g only by flipping low priced commodities (linen cloth, Tigerseye and such) and had even found stuff below vendor values in the AH! On Thunderhorn that's something I can only dream about.

Overnight my wealth tripled from the stuff I had left for sale, and most of the outrageous bids I had made came through: the trading community isn't too awakened, that's for sure.

I checked this toon yesterday, and it seems that I'm making more money on this newer server than in the old school Thunderhorn. All I can say is that I really admire sociopathic Gevlon and realistic tyson for their ability to build such vast wealths on any server they choose: I'm having trouble on my main server to break the 10k mark while questing with two toons and trading with one. On the other hand, a half an hour in the newer server generates better income than the same time on Thunderhorn.

It seems that the bread and butter is coming from Conversion trade and the excess wins from the lucky shots in recipes and blues. That's the rule on both of them, but the results vary.

Curiously different breeds these server economies are.

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