Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blind min-maxing

This is actually an addenum or continuation to the previous Ruleplayers and Roleplayers post in a sense, because it was initiated by my son last evening. He came to tell me about another hunter, two levels higher than my son's hunter (lv 39 I think), who challenged my son to a duel. By inspecting the challenger my son concluded that the other guy was similar to his friend: the gear was up to the level blues and even some purples, the pet was trained to the player level and everything seemed like a sure failure.

However, this is where the part of which I'm proud of comes, my son took the challenge because he knows he can play his character. And like I have stated earlier, he plays very well both solo and in groups.

He couldn't help laughing when he told about the duel: the other was down before he had lost 1/3 of his health.

What good is that min-maxing and lore breaking rule playing, if you cannot use the skills, gear and information you gain from the stuff you read and learn?

Oh, by the way: my son took a two levels higher paladin down earlier, too. Same thing: know it all who was looking for an easy fight.

And to make it known: my son's hunter is mainly Marksman, but with some talents from other trees, too. He has made his talents based on his play style, not the other way around, to which I'm guilty of.

All I can say to him is...


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Averna said...

haha! Grats to your son!

Just goes to show that it's not all gear that matters... it's skill as well!