Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trade channel comments

Another fine day in the AH world in two separate servers. In Thunderhorn the money keeps slowly rolling in: 'only' 120g profit yesterday, mostly from commodities. No vendorable deals as usual, which tells that the people on the server know the value of items. Trade channel was full of purples, mostly crafted and few which there are thirteen in a dozen. No surprises there. Half of the income went to resale purchases, though, so the AH keeps rolling money in. And it's the slowest time of the week...

I love it.

On the other server, however, situation is quite different: the prices live like there was no tomorrow! The epics seem to be at a way higher value range, so my measly 200-300g cannot even scratch the market. Then again, I made similar profits from the earlier day, with much lower priced trade items than I have in Thunderhorn. I could say that the lowlie trade goods are in good demand on this server, still. Also the conversion trade works, whereas the price levels on Thunderhorn don't provide such opportunities.

Which actually was a subject of discussion in the trade channel on this server: someone started ranting how the prices of Crystallized Fire had dropped dramatically overnight and how the prices of Eternal Fire seemed to be incredibly low. As you might know, you can split one Eternal to 10 Crystallized ones, this being known as conversion if you make profit from doing this split. And as far as I know, the Eternals are pretty useless in professions, whereas Crystallized ones are used in several recipes.

However, this certain person couldn't take the fact that the demand and supply are the main things that generate the price ranges in AH. Instead he proposed that there should be set limits to the prices of goods in AH, so that the high end prices wouldn't become outrageous and the low level prices would stay 'reasonable'. Now I know that Gevlon could say something great and intelligent on this subject, but as I'm not as economics savvy all I can say is that this thinking is faulty and stupid.

My only comment was that if the prices of certain goods were too low for comfort and demand, make the market accept a new price range. I did that on Linen Cloth, Tigerseye and Wool Cloth the other day, and rose the price to double it was when I started. With minimal money, as the price ranges were very, very low.

The main argument was that the epics prices are too high and in some cases quite outrageous: prices of 10k in Allakhazam were unthinkable. Then again, the Nobles Deck, which is the source of 'incredibly op trinket' (according to one player), was selling like Coca Cola on this server at price range of 6000-8000g... Which tells something about the state of crafting in this server. And no-one thought that this price was too high...

Strange how illogical people sometimes are.

However, I made several mental notes out of this:
1) as the market is still emerging, even the low level trade goods are good money
2) because the raiding is not so fully working on this server, there might be some nice catches coming later on: eyes open on epics and rares
3) the crafting is way behind the level composition of the server, so everything needed for meaningfull crafted items is in dire need
4) You can dominate the AH easily on this server with well placed purchases and pricing.

Ah, I love the smell of napalm... erm... I love the AH in the morning, when the people have mispriced their precious loot.

Oh, yes, and I made 5g 78c from vendoring stuff directly from AH. This server is easy.


Crucifer said...
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Crucifer said...

Eternal Fires were used in making my Titansteel gear. I'm not sure if they still are.

Unknown said...

Quite possible, but it's pretty incredible that Eternals sell for lower than similar amount of Crystallized ones. If they are as usable, that is.

In working in AH I feel like I'm doing a civil service to the rest of the population using AH: I'm cleaning the stuff sold below vendor prices, transferring below average product's to higher price levels thus boosting the overall trading and converting enchanting materials to other, more demanded ones.

I'm also trying to get the lowbie gear off the market at reasonable prices for disenchanting, thus helping -hopefully- low level toons to gain some gold. Most likely in the first generation server the money goes to the alt of a level capped player, but on the other it's mostly going to the newbie or casual player concentrating on that one toon.

Like I said, I like playing with AH. It's my minigame, whereas raiding or levelling is someone else's.


Unknown said...