Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hellfire Citadel revisited

Call to Arms was voiced over the electronic void to join the Battle of Darrowshire. However, the impromptu responses resulted The Three Stooges reunion in Terokkar Forrest, after which the troupe impossible decided to enter the Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts.

As it happens, our earlier entry to the Ramparts was anything short of a disaster. We only cleared the first boss -Watchkeeper Gargolmar- and called it a night. Every mob was a struggle.

Not this time. After one bad pull we more or less cleared the Gargolmar in the corridor. At which time the Stooges' troupe got an unexpected guest: Solaire, the deathar... Death Knight of the Order of the Fist joined us and on we went. Omor the Unscarred -and everything preceding it- was cleared in a breeze. Even Vazruden was easy, but Nazan, Vazruden's Nether Drake proved to be too much in the run: wiped once due to tank's poor handling (shame on me) of the flame breath the drake uses against the grounded opponents... Somehow it just slipped, so sue me.

The second encounter was a breeze. Sadly the boss loot this time was all Shammy gear, so off to the disenchants they went.

As we were enjoying the company and the performance, we decided to take on the Blood Furnace after the repairs.

All well in the run, wiped three times, two of which were on the second boss, Broggog, whose poison AoE caught us by a surprise. Deaths were plenty, but considering the fact that I had done the instance only once, Bishop maybe twice, Förgelös never and Solaire a couple of times, we did great. Earned Förgelös the Achievement and some nice drops. Oh, and grats to Förgelös and Bishop for dinging in the instances!

Impromptu guild run wins random PUG anytime. It was a pleasure to run with people who wanted to do things right, together and in common pace.

Azariel, the player behind Solaire, posted a nice set of questions in his recent response to the "How about roleplaying?" post I posted yesterday. I will answer those questions in separate posts, as they are worth plunging deeper into. However, to answer properly may take some time, so I'm not promising the posts starting tomorrow: perhaps over next few weeks would be more appropriate. Thank you, friend!

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