Monday, March 23, 2009

Complete nonsense

The weekend -gaming wise- was complete nonsense: nothing seemed to work. The Avool's Sword of Jin didn't sell even vastly below the market price and competition, so I might as well take it to the Neutral AH and sell it for loss. Our test in Stratholme in Prot Warrior Tank and DK failed miserably: what the heck is Cadaver Worms disease?! 10 minute, 150 damage / 10 sec and -100% hp recovery?! Kills food, bandages and HoT's effectively, that one. Otherwise we would have wiped the whole instance in a breeze. Really.

Then we failed a simple quest with Förgelös, my brother's rogue, in Outlands. If there are 12 blood elf casters in a channelling for an artifact and you have to access the artifact, the why on Azeroth are they connected to each other? Aggro one, and you get three on you, which naturally are runners!! 

Then again, I completed four quests with Laiskajaakko, getting closer to close the Eastern/Western Plaguelands quests alltogether and I finally managed to get the best vanilla quest chain to the climax: Battle of Darrowshire!

I'm putting my guild in Call to Arms and we'll going to kick some Scourge butt!

For the Alliance! For Argent Dawn! 

Erm... Laiskajaakko hit honored with Argent Dawn. Not a long way to go to Exalted, that is!

And the positive challenge continues. Everything went wrong, but we had fun. And that's what counts.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, bad luck for stratholme.

The trick I used when I was soloing it on my warrior was to stock up on jungle remedy (its a drop from kurzen mobs in stranglethorn, and cures disease). I took a couple of stacks.

Unknown said...

And now you're telling me! I've at least one stack in my bank...

Thanks, Straholme here we come again!

Unknown said...

Ah, Stratholme (and Scholomance). The days when level 60 instances had debuffs bordering on the insane (8 second aoe silence on a standard ghost mob).

Anonymous said...

I soloed Stratholme a few times with my prot warrior or death knight at around 75-77, and bandages can work. If you time it so that you use a bandage immediately after a disease damage tick the whole bandage can be used before the next disease tick.

It's a pain, but not unmanageable.