Thursday, February 17, 2011

What would you like your MMO to be?

I have been pondering over the question of what story, IP or background I would like to see a MMO done. The setting of the game.

As it happens, as we bloggers and gamers generally are quite heavy consumers of different medias, I'd like to put  this challenge on some of the bloggers I greatly appreciate. So if it wouldn't be too much to ask, I'd like to see what would Gordon from We Fly Spitfires, Naithin from Fun in Games and Larísa from Pink Pigtail Inn would like their MMO be designed on. No, this is not a meme, but feel free to share the pain!

To clarify my question, I have to tell what I would like to see. I have earlier described my perfect MMO and in that post I have stated that I'd like to see a mysterious secret society setting a'la Lovecraft, and as it happens the Secret World is based on that premise. So I had to have one look at my bookshelf to understand that there is but one possibility. One perfect setting for a compelling MMO.

Urth of the New Sun MMO.

Gene Wolfe created a magnificient world, a living, thriving and very much compelling set of communities and events with unbelievable monsters, creatures and conflicts. Not everyone gets to be the young torturer who becomes the leader - and cause of destruction - of the world, but the mere living world itself calls for exploration.

I would like to have a character roaming the war ridden wastelands on a destrier, to wield a light lance and see the dream eaters. The sheer size and mystery of Urth is calling my intelligence, and this game couldn't be anything but hard, harder and time consuming. Talk about having WOW! in a game, this would have the constant amazement of a world freshly created.

It could be even set into the four year time when Severian is doing his off-world pledge to revitalize the sun, only to end the whole game to the catastrophe commencing after his return. The sense of wonder in combining the pre-space flight wonders with the wonders of the universe after the space faring culture has collapsed is just presenting unimaginable possibilities.

What backstory would you like to play as MMO? What would be YOUR dream setting for a MMO?