Monday, February 21, 2011

Clean slate no more (yawp)

Like I have tweeted every now and then: I QUIT! That summarizes the weekend, totally. That pointing to WoW, Rift - which had it's 7th beta and I was playing that, too - not being in question.

Ok, that out, we can proceed according the plan. I have accumulated 163.447g, which means I have gained a bit over 11k over the week. Which is in fact a fault assumption, as I went and purchased a certain new meta recipe for 17.5k in hopes of making some money out of the cut. This was the first reason I want to quit: it failed miserably, and instead of making almost 30k plus I netted only 11k.

The prices of Obsidium and Elementium Ore have risen noticeably over the last week, their supply has diminished from the original and this results in the common and rare raw gems being less and less available. This should count as rising prices, but no. The only one worth anything is the gem required for the daily, the price of Hypnotic Dust and Greater Celestial Dust have gone very low so the disenchanting route is not as profitable as it used to be: in normal situation it should be the other way around. In lack of supply the prices should go up!

Anyhow, I have split my time in between my main server and the server my son is playing. He took up on a Deathknight and has this uncanny habit of spending all the money accumulated on the character in few poorly placed purchases. Granted, he's only 10 with next to no understanding on the English language, but still he's topping the DPS in the dungeons he goes to with LFD tool.

So I took on generating him enough money to get him the flying mount and both skills: the artisan riding needed for flying in Outlands and the Old World flying. The server is very much different from the one I'm in, but the result was that as this toon was levelling his gathering skills from naught, he finally got about 700g in two days to pay for his flying. That was the great end for the weekend.

What amazed me over the weekend is the fact that there are recipes in the game which are not available in the game anymore. Like the already rare pattern of Deviate Scale Belt or the cooking recipe Soothing Turtle Bisque which you could get only through a quest. You just cannot get them from the game anywhere, except from AH in the lucky shot when someone happens to post them in. Usually the prices should be outrageous, like 100k or more, but that depends on the server.

The amazing part is this: you can still get those recipes from AH for as low as 60g, 10g or even as low as 15s if you're lucky. That's because there is nothing in the tooltip telling that the recipe is not available in the game anymore!

And that's not all that is missing from the tooltips. The major I QUIT thing happened when I was happily adventuring with Gnomore. This one quest in Dun Morogh requires you to free dwarves from icy tombs they have been stuck in by some elementals. So I started the quest, banging the tombs to smithereens and found out that the bloody icy tombs count as creatures! So I lost the reason to level Gnomore any further for his "creatures killed" count states six (6) killed, unspecified, creatures.

There was nothing warning about this, nothing pointing out that this would count as a kill and I really feel that this bloody game mechanics have failed me and my project. I'm not starting over, so I'm on the verge of quitting the project and I'm strongly contemplating quitting WoW except for the three stooges evenings.

What's the point, if the game screws you in the eye at every turn, one way or another?

Should I keep on going with Gnomore in spite of this set back?