Friday, February 4, 2011

No three to report

Yes, due to a real life commitment, Three Stooges didn't ride. At least not together. I'm not sure what Förgelös and Bishopgeorge may have gotten into their mind on doing, the best I can hope for is for them to do some questing and get some gear.

On the other side, I'm nearing 100k gold through my AH experiment. That's only 30k more from my starting point, but it has accumulated through effort, not through luck, and within a short period of time (2 weeks to be honest). From this I can offer a few insights on the AH market to the newcomer.

* Start small. Do not try to grasp the whole glyph market on the first try if you're new in the game, short on money or short on time. Best way to go is to sell materials: cloth, ores, stones and herbs.
* Trust the market. Do not put cheap materials for sale in stacks of one: instead, put full stacks and at a bit higher price.
* Know the market. Too often I find a piece of rare recipe, schematic or plan in the market for a fraction of it's real price. I purchase a rare recipe for 6g and sell it for 300g. The same goes with all the stuff in AH: know the competing and/or real price of the items you are about to sell. Saves you the headache when you notice that you could have gotten 10 or 100 times the money you put it in for.
* Plan and develop a system. Saves time for the actual play.

Unless of course, you plan to play the AH rather than the questing, grouping or raiding.

It's a choice. Your choice.

.Current balance (alliance side): 90 635g, invested another 2540g in Elementium and Obsidium ores for prospecting.