Thursday, February 24, 2011

Newbie gripes

As I'm playing with the Auction House in WoW, I get awfully lot of WoW beggars asking for "spare gold". Like any respectable goblin would have any to spare, it's all MINE!!!

The most recent one stated exactly those words when he opened his whisper, begging for gold. That warrior was at level 19 and I told him that by that time he should have about thousand golds if he had played the game cleverly. His response was "No". 

I proceeded - very politely - to tell him that Gnomore had over 700g at level 17 without killing a single creature and without doing any of the quests requiring killing, only from gathering professions and selling the materials. I even gave him the Armory link to see for himself. 

And he disappeared.

I should have taken his name up, because I could have helped him to learn even more of the game, even mentor him onwards to become a better player than I am. Though with the beggar mentality that would have required quite a lot from my part.

Anyhow, as today is the beginning of Rift headstart, I thought I'd put up a memory list to all, each and everyone ever starting a new MMO. Not how to play, but how to maximize the money on the run. There are only few simple things to remember, things which are a second nature to all nomadic gamers out there.
  1. First of all, loot everything. The crap is worth every copper, silver or coinage the game has.
  2. Get bags to your all bag slots. You can never have enough or too much bag space.
  3. Get the gathering professions, unless you are sure which crafting professions you are going to take.
  4. Loot everything, gather everything. 
  5. Replace your bags with bigger ones whenever you can.
  6. Run a dedicated auctioning character aka AH mule to the nearest auction house and set it up for trade.
  7. Loot everything, gather everything and post everything except the worthless loot to the AH mule.
  8. Level up and enjoy life.
I think that covers the basics. The first time around I would suggest - however - to forget the mule and just loot, gather and sell as long as your bag space can hold the gathered materials and good unbound gear looted. You'll get to the nearest city soon enough to empty your bags to the bank or AH.

Happy adventures!