Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In Heaven again

Before the so called hiatus from WoW, when I really burned my interest out by trying to power level to the level cap for the second time, the last things I really concentrated on was to make gold. Lots of gold in AH. I really spent time in flipping items: buying for cheap, selling for decent price. I never ripped anyone off... well, except that poor sod who sold a blue BC item for 5g and I sold it for 75g... But hey, he posted it!

Then came the half a year off from the game, a couple of patches and Auctioneer went bonkers. Really sad, because I hate record keeping on my own. I'm not that organised. You should see my work table or my computer table at home...

After WotLK kicked in I've been playing with my UI so much that I have neglected my Auctioneer. I've only sold the loot from all my toons I've been playing and gotten on with the show. However, on Monday I took a while to see what the 'new' Auctioneer holds in itself.

The Bliss.

I was so disappointed when I learned that the BottomScanner didn't work and it wasn't supported anymore. The main tool for flipping was gone, and I was too lazy to scan the AH item by item to see the price percentages for profit. But now as I started to dig into the functions of the Auctioneer Advanced, I found that the same functionality is in there, as the Real Time Scanner!

I started playing with it immediately. I found deals in there with price only beliw 10% of the 'market value' of the products. I grabbed a few of them and even put something on a higher priced end of things, too. I spent around 230g in a few minutes and regretted that while I put the stuff for sale. It would take some serious grinding if Auctioneer's database was crooked (as it most probably is because of WotLK) and my gut feeling was wrong.

I checked my mail yesterday. Scared of the outcome I skipped the expired deals and only opened the succeeded ones. You know, the scrolls with money in them. I closed my eyes as I cleared the expired deals to my bags for a rerun and closed the mailbox.

138 g, combined from deals and outbids. I made over half of the money back with only petty things! It worked and I hadn't lost my market sense!

Okies. I took it more carefully this time and spent only some 50g on new purchases and re-entered the ones that had been expired. I'm well on my way to the new thousand before Outlands with Pupunen and Laiskajaakko. It's good to be rich.

After this Pupunen took a flight to Ashenvale to run some petty quests. To my surprise Rayne's Cleansing is a long chain, with a really nice story, too. Too bad the phasing isn't in use in here, because it would make sense that the Furbolgs -the cleansed ones- would become friendly towards the Night Elves after this quest chain. It's a real shame that you have to hand the shapeshifting rod back at the end of the chaing, but then again, I'm not going to steal from the trusting questgiver. It's like stealing from a dead man, which you have to do in Bloodmyst Island... which is gross.

These are the simple things that really would benefit from somekind of 'morality' effect in the game. Let alone the much controversial torturing quests in Northrend. How come this kind of possibility to induce the RolePlaying elements into the game had been neglected from the beginning?

Ah. Nevermind. It's money that talks, and I can't wait to check Pupunen's mailbox in the evening!


Gamer Hudson said...

Rayne's Cleansing wow I havent heard that name is almost 3 years. I had forgotten all about that quest!

Unknown said...

I kinda guessed that. Wait, there is more coming. I just ran Legend of Stalvan and completed the chain. That was also a nice piece of storytelling.

Nimgimli said...

Thanks for the top of Auctioneer Advanced. I'm still poking around at really low levels (hit 12 last night) but soon enough I'll be trying to work the Auction House for a bit of coin.

Nimgimli said...

Er, that was supposed to be "tip" about Auctioneer Advanced. Clumsy typing fingers!

Unknown said...

Auctioneer Advanced is such a beast finding the 'right stuff' but such a crap finding the 'right price'.

I could write quite a lot about it, but then again, I might be better not to.

First of all, you have to remember that AA is a real pain to the memory. The scan takes -at least for my ally toon- about 15-20 minutes, while I do nothing. The 'Real time scanner' can run at the same time, but it's a real pain to pick the hot ones on the run. However, you can -and should- do your homework before using the Scanner: do take your time to set up the parameters, so you don't have all the results to check!

And what I have learned from AA so far is that experiment, experiment and tweak. The results get better everytime you scan and tweak.

AA is a beast. Both in good and in bad.