Monday, December 15, 2008

Worst weekend ever

Well, not exactly, but the beginning and the end of it left a very bad taste in my mouth. It all started from Friday morning, when our youngest dog seemed to be very weak and not well. She had just finished her medication for kennel cough, which had proven to be successful. However, she developed the symptoms anew, which caused some concern because the latest information we have for Irish Wolfhound health study (in Finland) shows that 3.7% of the deaths during the last year were caused by kennel cough. This darn dog version of influenza (caused by para-influenza virus accompanied by bacterial infection in the respiratory organs) is deadly serious business for Irish Wolfhounds!

All things concerned, we have been lucky to have such wonderful vets around the area we’re living, and the medication was changed and renewed. She is now, after a couple of days, the same rascally youth she is. Irritating one, really.

WoW-wise, I just checked AH with Pupunen and rushed some STV quests with Laiskajaakko. Turning off the exp-bar has been one of the cleverest things I’ve done with him, because dinging is really unexpected and surprising this way! Needless to say, I dinged, not once but twice, thanks to Carbonite’s route plan.

Saturday was ‘dedicated’ to leisure activities with the girl/boyscout leaders of our local scout companies. We have the customary ‘grown ups party’ at the end of the year, accompanied with some extra activities. This year we went for a pony riding… a whole 2 hours on a pony in a forrest trail is starting to show only now, as my legs are sore and back is feeling funny. But the overall experience was nice, the pony –just barely bigger than our dogs (well, twice the size… ok, more like thrice!)- acted well enough and the weather wasn’t the worst possible.

In the evening we had a ‘party’, if it could be called that, and I came back home in the middle of the night instead of staying at the cottage. I really started having a headache and it wouldn’t have been nice to anyone if I had stayed. The ones who stayed had it better without me.

Sunday started late and went by shopping for Christmas. I had just started to quest with Laiskajaakko, when our son started yelling that there was blood on the floor. The dogs had just been out after their evening meal, and one of them had cut his leg somehow. Just above paws there was a gushing wound and off we went to a vet again. It was late already, on Sunday evening, about 23.00 or something, when we got there. I was feeling a bit ill myself, sneezing and sore eyelids, but dogs first.

The vet had to tranquilise our lure-coursing champion to be able to operate the foot. As it turned out, something had made a cut on the wrist of the back foot, cutting one ‘minor’ vein and damaging one major tendon. However, the tendon damage was minor issue, as the cut had been very clean: there was a very small slice of the tendon cut off and it was still supported by the the tendon’s cartilage. So the vet decided to leave the slice in –I agreed with her on that one- and then she sutured the cut.

First of all, our dog had to be awaken by an injection. He woke up very slowly and we got him to the car – seemed like miracle at that point - and out at home. But at home I noticed that he was getting drowsier and drowsier, which suggests that the dosage of the tranquiliser wasn’t quite right. My wife put a blanket on the dog, so he wouldn’t feel cold as one usually does when sleeping with medication.
All in all, we came back home at around 1:00 am. I really hated the clock in the morning (at 5:30 am), when I had to wake up for work. All other dogs were there to greet me except the male, who moved very cautiously and very sleepily, still. Thankfully he got out by himself and got to relieve himself while the others went around the yard. I think it’s the way of the dogs to leave the sick and weak alone, because everyone was avoiding the male.

So here I am, writing all this, feeling crappy physically and for the weekend, and hoping to get online to play. Not today, maybe tomorrow.

If only I could solve the problem with the WoW framerate, which has deteriorated after the WotLK patch. Considerably, I would say. Almost to the same level what it was before I updated my vid card.

Was it the patch or is there something wrong with the settings? Before the patch the game ran nicely at almost full settings, now it’s gagging at mediocre settings. Even in unpopulated areas, and this makes me nervous.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really was a crappy weekend! I go spare when only one of my animals is sick at a time, let alone two.

Especially wolfhounds. It's been over a decade since my rescue wolfhound died (peritonitis :( ), but I still really miss him.

Nice theme btw!

Unknown said...

Best of luck with the doggies mate.

On the frame rate issue could be possibly be addons? I have a tendancy to have frame rate issues if I have particular addons (well, did have, dunno after 3.0 now) running at the same time (Auctioneer comes to mind) even though I have a beast of a machine.

Apart from that I do notice framerates dropping if anti virus/spyware scanning progs. are running in the background.

Unknown said...

The funny thing about the addons is the fact that I have less of them now than I had before WotLK. And they are less memory hoarding than the former ones. So I don't really see this as the problem.

Overclocked my GeForce7600GT yesterday and it helped a bit. But I think that I have to check the addons more and test the graphics settings of the game itself more deeply. I mean, I went from 40 something to 13-16 fps after the WotLK, and that is NOT healthy.

How about XFire? I noticed that killing Curse client helped a bit...

Unknown said...

I don't use the curse client myself. Everything I put, addon wise, on my machine is manually installed. Well... Winzip'd xD

I've not noticed a FPS drop myself so it makes me wonder what's floating around on your machine. Although I DID have to do a completle reinstall (from scratch, tried a repair and it failed) when patch 3.0 came in because something corrupted my WoW.

I have only 3 addons running now on WoW (4 in raids) and i'm already getting WoW crashes again - mainly around Dragonsblight >_<

So maybe there's just problems in the WotLK coding?

Unknown said...

Another person with Wolfhounds and plays WOW? Most of my Wolfhounds friends look at me like I'm crazy when I say I play WOW! lol

Hope the hounds are OK. Do you know there are different protocols for IWs and anesthesia? Could be why your guy had trouble coming out. I can find the info for you if you don't know it.

As for your framerate, does your ISP have a "Fair Access Policy"? I was having similar trouble and found out that my access went down to 15% speed for periods of time. Couldn't play WOW when that happened.

Unknown said...

Fran, I can imagine your friends reactions, as it's either Wolfies or nothing.

Yes, I know about the anesthesia and all, but I suppose the vet wasn't sure. However, the kennel cough strain we have seems to be a very virulent one... and it's not an easy one, either!

I guess the Curse client had something to do with the fps issue, but the most disturbing effect was with Auctioneer. The game almost freezes after a complete scan, as if Auctioneer had a huge memory leak!

I guess I have to resort to a mule. Which I hate.