Monday, January 3, 2011

New year, new projects

Happy New Year and prosperity to all.

I bet you thought that I'm moving on as you read the headline. No chance, sorry about that. I though I'd change my blogging a bit: thus far I've been stuck to the text version alone, as I find the pictures in blogs a bit dull to follow myself. However, as I started one new project it might be a good thing to go through that with a dedicated picture folder and some chit chat about the progress.

Because this project is a follow up of a failed one, I'll start with that one. The failed one was my worgen druid, Unnown, who was supposed to be a non-violent, non-killing worgen. However, it's impossible to even become a worgen without completing the worgen starter area questline, so the whole project dried up in a whimper.

As it happens, I took only few screenshots of that try, which I promised to present at one point or another. However, the follow up project, gnome priest Gnomore (EU/Thunderhorn, if you want to check the stats) will be an ongoing project as it was possible to escape Gnomeregan even though he was radioactive and not cleaned... talk about hygiene over there.

I will also keep you bored with the adventures of the Three Stooges, me and my brothers, who will bang heads with the instances of Cataclysm in the holy trinity of warrior tank, rogue dps and priest healer, mostly failing miserably where everyone else succeeds. Hopefully I'll start using the wonderful gift of screenshots with that, too, if it seems more pleasant.

This doesn't mean that anything else will change though. I will be the grumpy one complaining about one or another thing in the game and wondering things that people take for granted. I will also test and try other games, as I'm not 100% pleased with our beloved WoW as you may have seen already...

Anyhow, I hope this year will be as prosperous and happy as the last one was, or even more!

C out