Monday, January 24, 2011

Experimenting (yawp)

Spent my weekend involved in AH experimenting. To such a degree that I only had a very, very short stint on Gnomore.

The experimentation had three aspects: inscription, tailoring and jewelcrafting. Surprisingly that Tailoring returned the invest in the least amount of time. Maybe my lucky shot in purchasing Embersilk at low prices and selling Embersilk Bags at the right price had something to do with that, but there were also several sales on some low level, cheap to do things, which have pretty interesting prices in AH.

Jewelcrafting seems to be worth every dime, too. Old - WotLK era - normal and epic gems sell with nice profits, with a steady flow of certain types. On the positive side, the supply seems to be pretty decent, too, so to purchase an uncut epic and selling it as cut one you may well profit over 50g. Also the normals have gone up in prices and make a decent income.

The odd bastard child which everyone loves or hates is Inscription. There are as many guides on how to work on this market and how to make it work that you can just choose your own way with them. Your mileage may wary, as they say, and what works for others may not work for you. The worst part of working in Glyphs is the fact that you cannot really start by small and grow from there. Or you can, but then you are just betting on certain glyphs to be best sellers with good profits rather than fishing with a proper net.

So the experiment in Inscription was taken in two steps: bet on the high margin glyphs to gain some income and expand to wider set of glyphs as the money starts to flow. The most interesting part of the whole exercise was the play with the ingredient prices: the herb to pigment to ink game is definitely more interesting than posting and cancelling the glyphs, over and again. From time to time it was faster in profit way to just sell the inks at pretty high prices, and as long as the price of Cataclysm herbs stays high, you can really play with the lower tier herbs quite a lot: it's not profitable to go and use the Blackfallow inks to purchase the lesser ones, yet.

All in all, tailoring made a couple of thousand overnight, Jewelcrafting about the same, both in profit. Inscription just got profitable over the weekend, with about 300 glyphs on sale.

What made it interesting as an experiment is the fact that none of those tradeskills are anywhere near skill level 500, even. Inscription is now capped on my banker at 375, so I'm effectively out of the high end meddling, but I'm still making quite a decent income with it.

Too bad poor Gnomore had to suffer from this. But you know, when the game sucks you into doing something, there is next to nothing you can do.

C out